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Indian Exams –Is it the Best way of evaluation.

by Anirud Srinivas


Indian exams-the best way of evaluation

Why do students need to read all the subjects while an individual teacher can’t teach multiple subjects? Does it look familiar?

Then absolutely you are an Indian and you need to know about Indian exams. Do you think the Indian exams are unfair? Let’s explore.

The Indian education system has grown over a while from gurukuls to boarding schools, but compulsory education came into play only around 2010. In ancient days, Shishya spends some years in gurukuls with their guru to get educated.

It is not way too different from the present-day boarding or residential school culture. A small briefing of gurukul will help to understand better.

Gurukuls–Ancient Indian school:

Do you know what south Asia’s primary education system was before the British rule came into play?

Yes, Gurukul education system was the most predominant education system of South Asia. In this system, the disciples of guru, the olden day teacher, spends a few years with the guru in his house.

They help him in his everyday chores during the education period and learn from the guru.

Guru teaches all the basic stuff to all his disciples, despite their skills or interests. Gurus even asked them to do all the chores to develop self-discipline along with their education.

Then what about evaluation?

Like the present-day evaluation, Gurus test their students on the whole with fixed criteria. It is like, same question paper for everyone.

The sishyas, after this evaluation, choose their field depending upon their interest and their capability. The tests conducted earlier help guru and sishyas to know the capabilities.

How gurukul is relevant to current Indian Exam system?

Now we are entering the core section of knowing about Indian exams. Initially, Indian kids join a school, as we all know.

Every student has to complete the primary and secondary education similarly, which somewhat differs concerning the board of their studies like Matriculation, CBSE, ICSE, State board, etc. Every student attends their respective Indian exam, for their basic evaluation.

We can compare it with gurukul’s basic level of common evaluation. After completing the basic level, that is 10th standard examination, students select specializations as per their skills and desires, and hence skill-based clusters are made as similar to the gurukul’s cluster.

Then after completing a higher secondary level or diploma, students enrol themselves for a more specific specialization, which is profession-based.

Now, revisiting the question, “Why a student needs to study all the subjects?”

Without having basic overall knowledge, students cannot master their specific skills irrespective of their interest. Let’s take the example of a software engineer. A software engineer must know basic mathematics, followed by intermediate level mathematics, which leads to engineering mathematics. Again, a question.

Do you think mathematics alone is enough for a software engineer to sustain?

Absolutely No.

He needs English to convey his ideas to his peers just as much as he needs his native language. He needs science to know about the hardware, which gets a life because of his software. His basic knowledge in social science helps him to sustain in different geographies.

For every profession, the Indian education system is creating a foundation, from which one can realize his capabilities before choosing a specialization.  Most of us are blaming the education system. But we choose our specialization, only based on social value and scope.

Transformation of Indian Education System from Ancient Period till now

Please ask the following questions to yourselves before blaming the education system and Indian exams.

1. Are you LEARNING from the institution?

2. Have you chosen the specialization based on your interest alone?

3. Have you joined your institution without considering a return on investment?

If you are an employee,

4. Are you in a job related to your skill?


Anyone can blame the Indian exam system.

But it is not wise to blame a maid without even knowing how to handle a broomstick.

Please select your studies wisely with no influence of society, return on investment and scope. Learning is most important than a graduation degree. An engineering degree holder differs from an engineer.

We are happy to know your views on the comment box.

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R Chandra June 30, 2020 - 9:48 am

Anirudh, great job. I appreciate the way u approached the educational systems now. The same educational systems were different in our generation. It was well-written and contained the relevant information. In fact, I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.


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