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“Only child syndrome” – | words from the heart of an only child |

by Bhuvi Vivek

To all the readers who are here on my article, welcome you all to the unpopular, and not much-spoken topic “only child syndrome”.  The world of a single child is a bit different from the normal one. Not most of us might have tried to understand a single child, we just judge them with their behavior.  We couldn’t understand them, because we don’t think from their shoes.

only child syndrome

Only child syndrome is a myth that all the only children are lonely, selfish, spoiled, impatient and maladjusted.  An only child may be at risk for having social difficulties have a hard time sharing the spotlight or issues with conflict resolution but that’s not true across the board

This article is to everyone in the human society, who has a single child, who is a single child, and to all, who share any sort of relationship with an only child.

There is a popular opinion of considering a single child as impatient, inflexible etc. knowing about single child will help you get rid of that myth.

” To know more, let’s explore the world of a single child”


only child syndrome


Life of a single child is a written book, it’s deep and there comes no need for the rest of the people to know about it.  But that unwritten book ought to be written one day right?

Most of the single child are given what they ask and at many times, more than what they ask by most of the parents this is the main reason for single child syndrome, including parent’s undivided love and care, this brings a mindset that, what they wish should happen always, after letting them to grow with such a mindset, at adulthood highlighting them as stubborn and adamant is not fair.

A thing to be noted is in a single child’s life there won’t be a partner, a sibling who claim rights to share all his/her materialistic things and also mainly his/her parents.  Whatever that kid see is entirely owned by him/her.

So he/she might never realized, thought, or felt, the joy of sharing things.  There won’t be a brother to play, there won’t be a sister who uses her wardrobe and its stuffs.  Therefore after spending such a childhood, letting someone to use his/her things is a tough task to them, at their later age.

There is no sibling for them to share his/her mom’s lap for a nap.  They are not used to it. The chances and needs to share things and attention is very less for them. The need for sacrifices at childhood is very less, there won’t be any chances or need for compromises. This is considered to be single child syndrome.



Happiness will increase when its shared, problems & pain will decrease when it’s shared.  Single children doesn’t have an option for both. They are supposed to manage everything alone.  They are unfamiliar with the strength and support that their siblings can afford.

As they don’t have a protective shell named sibling, as they don’t get such a love, either they long for it from others or they start exhibiting by making themselves more alone. Most of the single children are sensitive. They broke down easily, they get hurt easily, they express and seek too much of love.

Siblings are the ones who shares all the materialistic and emotional things. At childhood, who shared your toys and broken them are the one who will solve your problem and will help you to heal from that, they are the ones who will take a share in your problem and pain.

The single child who doesn’t have a one to share his childhood does not have one to share his sufferings too.

Adjustments are the basics of siblings, but a single children might not be required to take or make any adjustments at their childhood.  This unnoticed factor let them to create and suffer from many problems when they grow.



Children are not born with specification on behavior, they are what, they are been taught, what the practice and what they allowed and asked to do design the character. Parenting plays a very major role in a child’s character building. A question might had arised to all who do read this article, Do all the single child has single child syndrome? Is all the single child are so?  Who do have a problem in sharing things?  Why do get a feel that they are single.

Certainly not, not all the children are so, it all depends on the parenting.

There are many single child who are very social, many single child develop a strong bond of relations, they add themselves with many circle of friends and relatives.

Certain things like how to get socialized, how to develop the habit of giving, the mentality and tendency to share are either should be learnt by themselves or should be taught to them so as to avoid single child syndrome. Children who have siblings will learn them automatically, as they ought to share, adjust, compromise, accept and let do things when they are adamant parents do say to adjust and give up for their siblings.

The same should happen with the parents of single child too.  Though they may not arise a need to compromise, parents should register such good qualities in the minds of single child. So that they are grown without single child syndrome. Single child syndrome can be prohibited before it gets into the single child if the parent do parenting in the right way.

What you teach them, decides how they see things, the way they look at the things decide how they react to it.  How they react to things at the early days decides their character. So How a child behaves in public and how it live its life can be designed by their parents beautifully when they are child.



  1. At the same time, they will get a lion share of their parent’s time.  The undivided attention from their parents plays a major role in making them shine brighter than the rest.
  2.  There are proven results from many kinds of research that single children do better in academics and they have many advantages.
  3. They do have higher self-esteem, leadership qualities, confidence, independent personality, being more motivated, doing better at school.
  4. They have perfectionist qualities, highly organized, the ability to self play with matured parenting you can bring up your child so selfless, social and one who loves to be in groups.



So either it is Single child or with Siblings, Everything depends on Parenting, What the parent teach is equally important as much as to what the Parent says No. Parents should give importance to the mistakes they do, they must be stopped at the very early stage of adamantness, selfish and inflexible behaviors.  Another important thing is to remember that Single child syndrome is not a born factor it’s a mistake that parents of single children missed to notice and rectify.

So let us bring up children with a broad mind, letting them feel the joy of sharing things, the importance of being social just by teaching them the right things at the right time. Let the Single child syndrome become myth hereafter.

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Such a nice article with full of good explanations…❤❤❤

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