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Overcoming laziness – 6 awesome answers to “how to overcome the laziness?”

by Hari Priya
overcoming laziness

I will go walking from tomorrow morning but don’t even have to count how many times I took this decision and never succeeded in it.

I will start focusing on my studies, I said this to myself but then I heard my books mocking at me.

Yeah, these may be your mind voice too.  Isn’t it?

(Meanwhile, my mind voice be like Finally, I am here writing this article dusting my laziness apart).

Overcoming laziness | How to overcome the laziness?

Laziness hinders us from doing things and achieving goals. Overcoming laziness is still a big challenge for us.

How to overcome the laziness? secures first place in my how to list.

We decide, set goals, but the question is,

Are we working on it on time?

If your answer is no, then you are in the right place. This article aids one who wrestles with overcoming laziness.  Having a lazy day after a long exhausting week is fine, but being lazy most of the time is not good. We just have to fix it.

Overcoming laziness, how to overcome the laziness?

Here a few actionable ways to overcome the laziness.

1)Stop Procrastinating :

Procrastination became a habitual and unbeatable one for most of us.  We plan our schedule but end up procrastinating. From doing silly things to carrier plans we postpone.How to overcome the laziness? Overcoming laziness

We may say root cause to procrastination are afraid of outcomes what if we fail,  dilemma, distraction, etc., But most of the times we procrastinate just because we enjoy being idle, a lethargic mindset of what goes wrong if we do it later.  We know how bad it is and how much it spoils, anyhow we procrastinate.

When we are assigned a task and given the deadline a week. We think of accomplishing it daily but end up counting days and postpone.  At the last moment, we rush up with increasing anxiety and do the necessary, but we do less than our ability because of time constraints.

By procrastinating, we couldn’t recognize our actual potential and shut all the doors of opportunity.  Stop procrastinating is the foremost step for overcoming laziness.

Do it now or it will be never done. 

This is the first answer to  “How to overcome the laziness?”.

2)Five minutes strategy :

We often think about doing certain things, but our laziness never paved the way for attempting that. For overcoming laziness, do your to-do list by sparing five minutes a day. It may be your goals which you never put into effort or it may be new skills which you desire to develop. Do it with no distractions and devote the whole five minutes concentrate only on it. Spending a few minutes productively is much better than doing nothing.

Once you are used to it, add up five minutes daily. Gradually it creates your eagerness and you succeed in overcoming laziness.

” Doing a thing once is worth than thinking about it for a hundred times”.

Start it now.

3) Push yourself for overcoming laziness:

To accomplish a task, we set deadlines for ourselves. We may drift away from our track from performing task whenever you find yourself as like it push yourself. But need not be hard on yourself.  It’s simple as keeping yourself away from things you love to do.

“If you want to play, then finish with your study”, the most annoying words we hear from our parents in childhood plays the trick. Why not try that now? It plays a major role in answering the question

“How to overcome the laziness?”

For example, if you love to watch movies or watching some series,  don’t watch that till you complete the task.  Whenever you get tempted to watch,  remind yourself that you are not supposed to watch till you complete the task. Your temptation to watch movies keeps you on track.

Let’s take another example if you are a coffee lover. Don’t consume coffee until you are done with your task. When you get tempted to have coffee, it will remind you about the task. Your desire for coffee helps with your task.

We get our work by tricking ourselves.  It may sound crazy, though we are all grown up and matured. This technique still works.

4)Be inspired: 

Lack of motivation may also be one reason for laziness. Don’t expect someone to push you further, be self-inspired,  search it within.

Strengthen your motivation by visualizing what and who you want to be, it overthrows your laziness.

We worry about what others think if we mess up, this negativity will always keep you away from your goals.  Turn your negative thoughts into positive. Let them think, but it does not stop you from achieving your ultimate goal.  Accept your flaws,  be inspired by your failures to embrace your success.

Read inspiring books and watch great movies to inspire. This relaxes you and aids you to get back in track, which helps you to overcome the laziness.


5) Jot down- planner: 

We schedule tasks but struggle to put them in action. Planning too many tasks leaves us worn out. Plan a schedule, giving time to your relaxation too. Have some brainstorming activities, which keep you brisk and helps to overcome laziness. Spare some time to do things which you like the most like music, sketching, reading books, which keeps you refreshed and makes you more involved in your goals.

Even schedule some time for movies/series or social media. Yes, these all our distractions.  If you allot less time for such leisure activity, then you can do more productive things in the remaining time, and that’s how an action plan works. If no plan, you end up wasting time on leisure activities and get nothing productive done.


6) Proper sleep, food, and exercise:

“Early to bed and early to rise” is a saying.

Think we misunderstood this. Now it became

“late to bed and late to rise”.

The fundamental problem is,  we know what’s wrong for us.  But we never stop doing that.  Lack of sleep and oversleeping both cause laziness.

We radiate what we consume. What you eat can also affect your energy. So choose your food wisely.  Exercising keeps us refreshed and energized. But some times doing over workout we lose energy, which again leads to tiredness and laziness. So,  proper sleep, food, and exercise is a must for not only overcoming laziness for leading a healthy life too. Vice versa.

Above all, is your mindset.  Avoid excusing yourself and stop blaming others.  Be optimistic about your aim and believe in yourself. Mindset is everything.

Your competitor is none other than your laziness.

Compete not with others, but with your laziness.

Compete and get the better of your laziness.

Now I hope you have some answers to the question “How to overcome the laziness?”. Please re-read the article several times and plan your actions accordingly to succeed in the journey of

“Overcoming laziness”

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Anonymous August 30, 2020 - 4:34 pm

I think it was written to me..
Thanks for these tips. Hope will follow and overcome my laziness.

Shobika August 30, 2020 - 4:44 pm

I think it was written to me..
Thanks for these tips. Hope will follow and overcome my laziness.


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