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Self-love Vs Selfish | 7 Astonishing facts that no one will tell you

by Meenakshi

Who is the most lovable person in the world to you? Take a pause and think for a while. Your mind will search for a person in the universe except you. Yeah, it is you.

Why Self-love very important? If you cannot love yourself, who else will love you. People often confuse themselves between self-love and being selfish. They always try to love themselves but end up confused with selfishness. Like they were being selfish. I would like to share the facts which I gathered from various thinkers just for you.

1. Do not love anybody too much than your-self.

After I asked the first question, you might have gone to the person even from your kindergarten days. So you love them too much than your-self. You are depending on others for love. It will be too injurious if they change for some reason or sometimes for no reason. Do not love anybody too much than your-self.

2. Also, do not love yourself too much

“Too much of anything is good for nothing”

Those are golden words which can be used in any context. Self-love and selfishness also cannot escape from this rule. If we start to love too much ourselves. We may unknowingly hurt others. Selfishness is a devil will off the light in you and also the lights of people around you.

3. Invisible boundaries can help you

It is always safe to keep a healthy boundary between people. It helps us to treat people with respect and we will get the same. If selfishness comes into the picture, we may violate the boundaries. We may push ourselves because of our addiction to people or pull people for our benefits.

4. Don’t sacrifice your time

You might hear about the term “Me time” nowadays. It is the most precious moment where we live only for and with ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that. But on the contrary, if you sacrifice your time for others. There is no point in regretting that. Don’t feed others selfishness. Learn to say NO. Because it is your own time.

 5. Do not regret being yourself, it is a sin.

Sometimes you do things which you are not at all like to do. But for others, you did that half-heartedly. You tried to please those people. You had a fear of showing your genuine feelings. You were not real at that moment. Be yourself anywhere, everywhere.

6. Forgive yourself 

It is easy to say it. On the contrary, we know about ourselves more than anyone in this world. In some situations, we may hate ourselves. We can easily forgive others’ mistakes, why can’t our own. You accept your own flaws and you. You are eligible to love others only when you started loving yourself.

Forgive yourself

7. No one knows what you are actually going through.

If you suddenly try to follow these steps to love yourself. People may think you are acting oddly. Even you may feel again that you are being selfish. But keep in mind strongly. You are the only one who thinks about you every second. Just read the 7th point again.

Hereafter, if you think nobody loves me, just have these in your mind. You should be your first love. Your name should be first in your priority list. If you did not exist in this world, how can you think about others?

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