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10 awesome ways to achieve your fitness goals

by Sanjeev

Importance of setting fitness goals :

Fitness Goals

Do you exercise regularly? If so, that’s great! If not, setting fitness goals is a great way to get started. If you do work out regularly, how do you know you are becoming more fit? How do you measure your progress? setting a fitness goal can help you improve how you feel, how you look, and your overall health.

Setting a fitness goal can help you break through the shackles holding you down from getting fit. Your body gets used to doing the same exercise every day at the same intensity. As it gets used to it, it stops working as hard. You may not reach your aerobic heart rate and you may not burn as many calories.

Here are 10 amazing ways to achieve your fitness goals.

Make fitness goals attainable:

Unrealistic fitness goals set the stage for failure. You’ll quickly get frustrated, and ultimately you’ll derail from your long-term goal. Setting an aggressive long-term goal can be counterproductive; you’ll have a better chance of success of actually reaching your target goal if you give yourself the time you need. You’re not going to get there overnight, no matter how badly you want something. It takes patience and persistence, and that has to be your approach.

Enjoy your exercise & diet  :

The process is a journey, and quite possibly a long one. If you drudge through every day miserable because you hate what you have to do and you see no light at the end of the tunnel, you’re far less likely to ultimately succeed. Find activities you enjoy, and that will help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

If you despise running but enjoy playing basketball, then by all means use basketball as a source of cardio. If you can’t stand the thought of broccoli in your diet but want to eat it because you know it’s healthy, substitute it with  whatever healthy food you prefer. The point here is to have fun during this process.

Join hands with your buddies :

Having someone to hold you accountable when you want to skip going to the gym—such as someone with similar fitness goals—will help keep you on track, and vice versa. Your buddy will be someone you can share similar experiences with, which can help you stay motivated and focused on changing your behavior

A great way to achieve your goals is through habituation .Making something so common that you do it instinctively. . or by making it a competition. Your buddy will be someone you can share similar experiences with, which can help you stay motivated and focused on changing your behavior.Set a goal with a buddy or play up a friendly rivalry and see which of you can run the most in a week or a month.

Use fitness apps :


If you really want to excel at your fitness goal, then you need to have a game-plan for success. You need to know what will keep you motivated, how to simplify things, how to be more efficient at your goals, and even find what you enjoy the most.If you’re blindly trying to chase your goals, then you probably feel about as hopeless as a carpenter with a butter-knife.

To all those who struggle to stick to goals a smartphone or a tablet with proper fitness apps and timer apps may help stay always on track nowadays, no matter where they are and what they are doing. There are lots of productivity tools helping to set, track and achieve goals in various spheres of life


Follow the Intermittent fasting  method  :

Intermittent fasting has recently become a health buzz. By now you’ve probably heard of Intermittent fasting, arguably the hottest diet trend of the last couple years along with keto diet. It’s been tagged as not only a foolproof weight-loss method but also a potential cure for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, insulin resistance, poor sleep, and even cancer.

Note everything down:

 Jot down your  everyday exercise routine and  you can make use of it to conquer, you’ll have a motivating record of all that you accomplish each week, and the ritual will encourage you to stick to your fitness goals
 plug your fitness goals into your personal calendar at the beginning of each month, so you can schedule meetings and other activities around your equally important fitness engagements.

It’s all too easy to have a bite of this and a bite of that throughout the day. But when you have to write down what you eat, you suddenly become way more conscious of how you’re fueling your body.

Set Goals That Are Time Bound:

Setting a governing time frame for your fitness goals is just as important as setting the goals themselves. Adding a time frame to your goals provide them with some urgency. Working without a specified time frame leaves you much less likely to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Consistency is key:

Consistency in your training and diet is essential.To achieve your fitness goals , choosing the right goals and training consistently are going to be key – no matter the setbacks or plateaus you might experience along the way. Remain motivated and continue to remind yourself why you started out on this fitness journey in the first place.Willpower is your best friend when it comes to achieving anything in your life that takes some grit

Adjust your attitude:

It’s really important to  adjust your attitude while  setting your  fitness goals .Remain focused on what you want to welcome into your life, rather than things you’d like to eliminate. Saying yes to a new aspiration creates a sense of enthusiasm and expansion in your mind and body—which activates all variety of known and unknown resources.

Positive emotion creates a bridge between your goal and its manifestation in the world. The more you can feel excited about your goal–almost as though it had already happened–the greater the chance of it coming to fruition.While ,A heavy-handed resistance of something that already exists, or that we fear will coming into being—tends to constrict the body and mind and amplify negativity.

So make sure to frame your  fitness goals in terms of what you wish to welcome into your life rather than what you want to eliminate.

And then, as you begin to engage in the action steps that you’ve designed, to manifest your goal—stay focused on the successes. Each time you complete a workout, or something else related to your health and fitness goals, appreciate yourself, congratulate yourself, love and honor yourself.

Ride your setbacks:

There isn’t a single person who hasn’t had a setback at some point along the way to achieve their fitness goals . Injury, illness, bad news and even simple lack of progression are all occupational hazards when it comes to sport and fitness. Always remember that you are not alone in this, and maintain confidence in your own ability. Treat setbacks as opportunities to work on new areas or to learn how to target those areas in which you are weak.





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