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The Drastic Environmental Change – CO(ordination)VID-19

by Yazhini

environmental change

I personally, sense due to the outbreak of COVID-19, is actually creating a strong change in the minds of human beings as well as environmental change. Indeed into Prosperousness!! We happened upon learning words like quarantine, social distancing and a connotation – covidiot. Every man, be it from a petty shop keeper to big businessmen, all were racing towards creating wealth/money more than their health. We were in the midst of the racing world! As rightly penned, “Human minds are never satisfied & contented”, we always keep wanting more and more things in our life!


But at present, the world is at PAUSE! Have you ever imagined this would happen to us?

Being quarantined, social distancing, caged into our homes but with our family /closed ones, the Lord has granted us an opportunity to pause the racing life to understand ourselves and our family better, to love better, and to give more kindness, to bring more joy & laughter together.

Empty roads, empty malls, empty restaurants- directed us to learn cooking, eating healthy home-cooked foods, watering plants, feeding street dogs/cats, understanding the value of togetherness, it also paved us to understand the meaning of love and spreading love better!

From going to parks, cinema theatres to malls, now we are in the direction of near petty shops, nearby tea shops, neighbourhood meetings between the compound walls, resulting in us in solidarity.


By quarantining, are you realizing that now you (as well as environmental change) are becoming more humane? Our Importance is being directed towards health, family, Prosperousness and love rather than racing towards achievement, money and other monetary elements.


Did you know? Human beings hold the record for driving the most plant and animal species into extinction! We have the dubious distinction of being the deadliest species in the earth! How inhumane we are, because of the industrial revolution we have created environmental change by this nonsensical event like air pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, deforestation, slaughtering, emission of toxic gases, extinction of certain wildlife species.


Now, Mother Earth has given all of us “a second chance” to unmistaken the things we did, to protect nature, to save the innocent lives, to help each other, to live in peace and harmony. Just Imagine the birds Chirping sounds, a gentle swishing sounds of the leaves, trees, grass, the detailed sound of the wind, flowing water- Highly satisfying by envisioning it right? Despite the crisis of pandemic, the mother earth is actually healing itself, also allowing us to understand the world better and heal ourselves better!


The global solidarity is the only vision to save our lives and the world in future. Let us all overcome this pandemic situation together and bring a new beginning, full of love and care to our motherland! Let’s spread love and love only to all! 


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