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I too had a love story – Book Review

by Ajithu Kumar
i too had a love story

Let us explore “I too had a love story”

Many people do fall in love with more desires and in order to have more crisps and excitement in their life and in their relationship. As anyone could not pre-judge their lives, the same thing happens in love. Things may happen beyond their imaginary life and sometimes might not. And such a story named “I too had a love story” is here for you…!


Currently, we’re in the modern era, where we can access many things across the world, being in the place. Today we’re making chats, voice calls, video calls to any nook and corner of the world. In simple terms, we can say that our mode of communication has become easier. So, making relationships is not such a big deal…!


 People started searching their life partners, even dating partners online. Though making relationships through the internet has been seen as cultural taboo in some places, but still, it’s not something new to us. Because most of them had succeeded in their love as well as life. With this, we could not conclude that every love story has a happy and successful ending.


Still, there are many love stories that have a happy beginning, ending with a tragic one. Relationship breakups are not only due to misunderstanding, ego, dislike of character. Sometimes, it’s all about circumstances, especially fate. If you are eager to know about the love story ended, only because of fate. This is the book which tells us a love story which, has a tragic end.


I too had a love story written by  Ravinder Singh, which was published in 2008. This book is the debut book for this author and it holds India’s bestseller title. This is the true and unforgettable memory of the author, Ravinder Singh.


The two protagonists of this story are Ravinder Singh and Khushi. The Story begins with a reunion of Ravinder Singh and his few friends in Kolkata. They were sharing their past memories and made fun out of this with each other. But Ravinder didn’t realize that this conversation would let him enter into his new life. The story is all about the love relationship between Ravinder Singh and Khushi, which has a wonderful start but with an unbearable ending.


You might have had a relationship in the past or still in the present, but I am sure that this book will make you look back on your memories associated with your love. No issues if you aren’t in love before, then this book will make you feel and think, “What is love?” and it may kindle you to love someone truly.


You all can think that, when people meet and share their feelings with each other, all of a sudden it turns into love. But never..!. There are many ways that your loved ones can stick into your heart, and thus becomes love. This might happen at their first sight, appearance, or by their character and attitude. Every love story will have a different start. But there is some rare love which even started without knowing their face, character. This kind of love can be experienced in this book.


While reading this book, I remembered one of the famous quotes about love, “Love defies all reasons, has no eyes. But love is not blind”. Exactly this quote matches with the beginning of the story.


There is a scenario, intimate conversation between Ravinder Singh and Khushi in a hotel, which keeps the readers more interested. Likewise, there are many plots that make you feel better while reading this book.


” I too had a love story ” keeps you in a different mood while reading. At the beginning stage of the story, you can feel more surprising starts. In the middle part, you can feel more excited about narration and lovely plots. And at the end of the story, you will feel more opposite to the start and middle part of the story, which has an unimaginable end.


The author narrates this story in very simple English, as to make the reading easier and to imbibe the feel of love. The language used in this story is quite easy for a beginner reader to understand clearly what the author tries to tell. 


Basically, many good readers suggest a love story book for beginners to read. Because this makes the reader more interested in reading books. This book is one among this category and gives you a clear experience about the love relationship with a tragic end.


If you are new to reading books, then ” I too had a love story ” is the right book for you. This book will make you feel comfortable while reading it. The vocabularies used in this book are very simple and easy to understand by the beginners.


Even though the book was published in 2008, the love story of this book will never make you feel bored while reading. 


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