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Work rules : Insights from Google

by Nithyalaxmi
work rules

A review of the book “Work Rules”.

Let’s talk about Google. Yes, Google, the company that revolutionized the way we live. From Gmail to Google maps Google has transformed people’s lives so much easier, making it the world’s best tech giant.

We don’t search for information online, we Google it! Google’s search engine is the most widely used in the world, millions of businesses pay Google to display their ads. In short, Google has changed the way businesses work and made people’s life easier.

Work rules : Insights from Google

The founders of Google Larry Paige and Sergey started Google with such a strong foundation, “To create a workspace where people feel free to follow their passion”. The founders laid way to how people should be treated inside Google, the company’s work culture is one of the sought after culture among its competitors.

Work rules : Insights from Google

People working in Google always feel safe to act with freedom and to take responsibilities. People’s ideas and opinions matter a lot in Google, the employees claim to Google a completely transparent company.

Google has been awarded “The Best place to work for” numerous times by the Best place to work for the institution. So what makes Google the most sought after company to work for by jobseekers?

The author of the book “Work Rules: Insights from Google talks about Google’s people policies and what makes Google, the best place to work for.

Work rules : Insights from Google

The author of the book Lazlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google. Currently, He is the CEO of Humu, which he co-founded with Wyne Crosby. Before working in Google, he worked with General Electric and McKinsey & Company.

So what’s the book “Work Rules” about? Let’s dig deeper.

Larry and Sergey founded

Google with a strong vision, “Treat people

like owners instead of machines. Machines

do their jobs, owners do whatever it takes to

make their company successful.

In this book, the author talks about Google’s Hiring policies, performance appraisal method, and basically about the company’s HR policies which focus on committing to the welfare of its employees.

Work rules : Insights from Google

In 2012, when a new Income tax policy was introduced in America where the gay and lesbian couples were to pay an extra charge on the domestic partners’ health benefits, largely for an extra tax that heterosexual married couples do not pay. When an employee raised her concern about the policy being unfair, the very next day Google has become the first company in America to introduce a plan to cover that extra charges. This just shows how concerned Google is towards its employees.

This book talks about all the innovative ideas Google has implemented to make its employees happier and more satisfied with their jobs, Google knows that only a happy employee stays productive!

Key Highlights from the book:

  • Think of yourself as a founder, now act like one.
  • If you give people freedom, they will amaze you.
  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast:
  • People see their jobs in one of three ways:
  • Just a job (a necessity that is not positive)
  • A career
  • A calling (Source of enjoyment and fulfilment)
  • Work Rules for creating a great culture:
  • Think of your work as a calling with a mission that matters.
  • Give people slightly more trust, freedom, and authority.
  • Hire only the best by taking your time, hiring only the people who are better than you in some meaningful way. And do not give the hiring decisions to managers for their teams.
  • Eliminate status symbols
  • Decide based on data, not based on the manager’s opinions.
  • Find ways for people to shape their work and company.
  • Be a magnificent coach.
  • Empower the team and do not micromanage.
  • Express interest for team members, success and personal wellbeing.
  • Be an excellent communicator, listen more.
  • Have a clear vision and strategy for the team.
  • Give your work meaning.
  • Trust your people.
  • Hire only people who are better than you.
  • Don’t confuse development with managing performance.
  • Focus on the two tails.
  • Be frugal and generous.
  • Pay unfairly.
  • Nudge.
  • Manage the rising expectations.
  • Enjoy!

The author ends the book by offering a blueprint of how the company built its people operations function and what every company can do to transform its HR function. How you design your workspace and how you lead your team attracts more talented people, which is a win-win situation.

Suitable for:

Work rules : Insights from Google

This book introduces you to the most effective people’s policies, which can transform every organization. We highly recommend this book, particularly for HR professionals and students passionate about the world of Human Resources.

Read the complete book for a complete walkthrough.

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