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If Tomorrow Comes- Book Review

by Srikanth Madan
If Tomorrow Comes (Tracy Whitney, #1) by Sidney Sheldon

Review on “If tomorrow comes

Do you think the stable boy and the Princess really lived happily ever after? Or do you think that the writer of those fairy tales you read early on in your childhood conveniently forgot to write about the hardships that the protagonists faced and rather finished his story with  ” and they lived happily ever after ”? Life is not a bed of roses, rather is a bed of stones and thorns. It just gets easier for those who accept and adapt to it.

How does Tracy Whitney, a successful banker for whom life appears to be settled, comes to terms with that? How her life changes so fast overnight and what happens next is the plot of the book “If Tomorrow Comes”.

Tracy is young and intelligent and she is about to get married into a wealthy family. All seems to be good until she gets framed by a Mafia gang following which the man whom she loves, abandons her and her unborn baby. She is convicted and sent to jail. What happens after is purely exciting, keeping us, the readers in awe of how the woman exacts revenge on those who framed her and those who failed her.

She may have gotten her revenge, but life has to go on. And of course, she cannot go back to her old life. So how does Tracy go about her life, what career she chooses and how successful she forms the second part of the book. The second part of the book paints a different picture of Tracy, showing how she throws caution to the wind when she takes her life decisions. She is shown in stark contrast to how she is portrayed in the initial stages of the book. In the second half, Tracy is brave, smart and cunning. 

“If Tomorrow Comes” is one another fast-paced book from Sidney Sheldon. Sidney Sheldon makes the readers crave for more even after the story ends. That is magic that he weaves with his writing. It does not matter how long the book is, but when we reach the end of the book we always think why should the story end now.

Personally for me, for a book to be written in the 1980s and introduce such a strong woman character, which even some recent books fail to do is more than enough reason to read the book.

I would recommend this book to any intermediate reader, who wants to enjoy a story. This book provides some good laughs as well while going through the plot. The way Tracy outwits her victims are pretty hilarious and will provide the much needed comic relief from the sorrow you may have got while reading the initial part of the story.

If you are a big fan of romance and expect loads of romance in a story, then this book is not for you. But it does not hurt to give it a try. Overall it is a very good book to read, especially during a lockdown. This book will help you relieve your stress.

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