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Please Intha Puthagathai Vaangaatheenga – 1 of the best by Gopinath – Brief Review

by Vignesh Jayaram

Let us explore the review of the book ” Please Intha Puthagathai Vaangaatheenga”

Have you had the thought “Though I’ve known this thing deep inside me, how the hell have I forgotten it? Because of not remembering this thing, which I have been already taught or experienced, I have to be in this state of mind for so long”. Yes, the state of mind is what I’m speaking about. Because I’m very sure that many of us would have gone through this phase.

Please Intha Puthagathai Vaangaatheenga

One attains their state of mind with respect to the experiences they had in their past. This makes them design or blend the moralities this world had endorsed so far. Even with or without the moralities which we have been taught with, we can easily conclude the situations with, what is wrong or right, or balance it with both of them, with common sense most of us have.

In that way many of the books which have been written by many people won’t force you to follow certain principles, rather they just remind you of what was already known to you. Like a lamp which helps you in search of things in the darkness in a hurry to find it. This lamp has a weird name for it “Please Intha Puthgathathai Vangatheenga” written by Gopinath, popularly known by Tamizh people as ‘Neeya Naana Gopinath’.

What’s been portrayed in this book is not unknown to many people, at least for people who are above 20. But these are the things with which people are made to have minimal attention because of the race(rat race) that had been started by someone at some point in history. Due to that, we all have lost our patience to listen to these things.

But the author took it in his hands, to remind people of what they have to be recalled with the utmost attention. As I said, this book isn’t a type of motivation book to just give you a boost in an undesirable situation you are surrounded with. Rather, this will make you recall and review all the situations which you have mishandled and made you interrogate yourself to resolve the issue to get it done with your right actions at the right time.

Readability of the book “Please Intha Puthagathai Vaangaatheenga”

Regarding the readability of “Please Intha Puthagathai Vaangaatheenga”, it is written by the author who is very known for his orations, speeches, motivational talks, and an adequate amount of knowledge that he has acquired in various fields. The book is fully written in Tamizh language which makes the readers of the local region to very well connect with what the author is trying to convey. Maybe it is because of the cultural coherence we have with respect to the author’s narration.

And the two other important things which wondered me while reading the book is that each chapter of the book has its individuality and importance, where you can open and read any chapter in a given instance. The orderly reading of the book from chapter 1 to the end has its speciality, which I won’t reveal now. Well, that’s because you can address anyone with any topic taken from that book, but to make the reader move ahead to read the next chapter ending the previous one, there must be the sequential arrangement of topics which increases the excitement of reading the next one, which the author hasn’t failed to do.

Another thing which surprised me is, even though he has written the book in his own style and in a simple way to connect the people, he didn’t miss to introduce some new words in Tamizh, again not discovering, the words whose usage has been reduced by ourselves over years, due to many factors. He didn’t fail to remind us all with those classy words.

Overall it is a book to read not to gain any new knowledge, but to remind us all with the matters, where we have slowly started to lose our attention, which has a greater impact on our day to day life. Hope you guys all do read “Please Intha Puthagathai Vaangaatheenga” and make use of the knowledge which you all have been already endowed with. Of course, the previous sentence is very weird to address right!!!

Have a nice day everyone. 🙂


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