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6 Mind-Blowing Ways of Overcoming Fear

by Anirud Srinivas
overcoming fear

How the world will be if the word fear doesn’t exist?

No, the world can’t be. Fear is the most dangerous obstacle for humans. But it sometimes helps to save them from doing terrible things, too. Overcoming fear will be the best solution to blast the obstacle. Let us explore…

After extensive research on the internet, I came up with a list of ways, which helps an individual to overcome fear.

Before entering, let us clarify some basics about Fear.

What is the fear?


overcoming fear

We can explain fear with a bag of acronyms. Fear is an emotional feeling, which holds us from proceeding further. The best-suited acronym of fear, as per my opinion will be,

Fake Emotions which Affects the Reality

One can face fear with reality as it is not an element of reality. Overcoming fear, an imaginary feeling may be difficult. But considering the effects on reality, it is a mere necessity to overcome fear.

Overcoming fear – a mere necessity

Below are a few ways of overcoming fear. It is simple to practice and one can feel the change immediately after starting practising.

Let us overcome fear together!

1. Give time a chance

Yes. Time is the best medicine to heal all mental issues. As Fear is also a mental illness, Time is one of the best medicine to fight it.

As per most of the people, in a state of fear, time may aggravate the tension. But in reality, time heals.

overcoming fear

For example, If you are constantly in fear, thinking about the infectious disease.

On Day 1 the rate of fear will be 100% and on Day 10 the rate of fear will be reduced to 50% or less.

Yes, the above example is like the Covid-19 pandemic fear.

I know this example does not satisfy you. Let us see another example. Consider you have a fear of heights, “Acrophobia”. When you are climbing a hill with your friends in a car, initially you feel like you will die.

But when you close your eyes for some time and accept the reality, you may search your fear or you may forget about your phobia. It is a real incident which happened to my friend.

From these examples, the important message will be, give time a chance. When you are in fear, close your eyes for a while and open the reality.

2. Write it down

What? Is it necessary to write my fear?

Is this your mind voice? Come on, my friend. Write your fear in a paper.

overcoming fear - write it down

As per psychology, once you open your pain from your heart, you feel partially relieved. The same applies to your fear. If you write it, you are recording your illusions to reality.

After writing it down, you may feel ashamed of your fear. But fear is not to be ashamed of. Everyone has fear in their own way.

Your writing gives a name to your fear, which makes your fear a known enemy.

It is simple to fight back a known enemy than an unknown one. Definitely, your fear will diminish into micro-level after you make it a known enemy.

3. Try it out

“I have a fear of death. Can I try it out?”

I am sorry, friend. This will not work in that way. Let me explain. You may have many fears like fear of heights, fear of public speaking, fear of water, fear of reptiles, fear of dogs and also fear of death.

Here, overcoming fear is a simple task sometimes and hard at sometimes too. Just follow the instructions.

Write all your fears, as explained in the previous step. If you have a list of 10 and the list has some hard fears like “fear of death”, please ignore those. Let us consider there are 2 hard ones. So concentrate on the 8. Try one fear a day or for a week.

For example, If you have a fear of dogs, then buy a dog. Is it expensive? Or do you feel like impractical? 

overcoming fear

Fine. Befriend a street dog. Buy biscuits every day and feed the dog for a week. Now, I am sure you can face the dog with no fear. Outlast the one you are feeding for a week.

Your subconscious mind learns to face a dog with the help of this experiment.

After this, when you face a barking ferocious dog, your subconscious mind will assist you in facing the fear.

Fake the fear by facing the fear.

You can try this with all the practical fears like fear of heights, public speaking, etc. In public speaking, you may feel bad one day. But when you face the day 1 confidently, you can win your fear. So please, try it out…

4. Embrace the fear

Yes. You can embrace the fear.

The person with “fear of public speaking” will ask,

Do I need to embrace the insults?

overcoming fear

But in practical reality, you may not get insulted. Consider the worst case. What will happen to the worst?

You may stop the delivery because of your fear, you may stammer, your ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend may present in front of you or they may arrest you for giving the worst speech in the history.

So, you know what worst can happen. So, just try it, make it humorous, if you stammer, just add a funny statement to make your stammer into humour. Finally, embrace the fear and showcase your talent. You may deliver a marvellous speech.

You may think “what can I do if I have a fear of water”

The answer is the same. Embrace it. Tie a rope over yourself. Hand over the other end to your friend. Trust your friend and jump into the water. But, please make sure, your friend doesn’t have any vengeance on you.

These examples may be confusing. But the fact is when you accept your fear and embrace it, you start overcoming fear. Just face it by being comfortable with the uncomfortable fear.

5. Immune Mental strength

The above four steps may make you feel down. But this is as simple as drinking water. Be patient and continue the journey of overcoming fear with me.

Mental strength is the prime factor in facing fear. You can read, my another article about gaining mental strength.

What can I do with mental strength? I am mentally strong, but I have a fear of ghosts. What can I do to destroy my fear?

overcoming fear

The phrase “Fear of Ghosts” may change depending upon person to person. I mentioned because I am a victim of the category.

The best way to strengthen yourself mentally against the fear is by positive affirmation.

Yes. Let us explore. Once you fear about a ghost, most of us will say or think.

“There is no ghost. When I open my eyes, the ghost will disappear”

Instead, try to say

” I am surrounded by positive aura. God is wandering around me to protect me”.

Just a selection of words, change the way of your life. If you are fearing about your interview, don’t think like ” I must not fail today”. Think “I have to clear the interview today. I prepared for the interview well”.

But to think like this, you must empower your mental strength. Affirm positively to fight the fear.

6. Stop controlling

Most people always try to control themselves and their environment because of their fear.

Are you one of those?

No one can control the situation and environment as they think. They can only control their inner self. If a person tries to control the situation, the disaster happens.

Controlling leads to suffocation of fear, which eventually breaks the shell when it reaches its maximum potential like Air inside the balloon.

As usual, let us get clarity about this with an example. You think riding the bike leads to the accident and decides not to travel. With this decision, you are trying to control the situation by visualizing the accident.

By doing this because of your fear, you are restricting the action.

Let us say, travel is necessary to complete a task which has a deadline on the same day. Because of your fear, you are losing the deadline.

But every one of us knows, an accident can happen even when you are walking on the pavement. Here, one thing, which is under your control is your inner self. That is your thoughts.

So, stop controlling the fear. Instead, follow positive affirmation as explained in the previous step.

overcoming fear

Fine, now we are at the end of this discussion. I accept these may seem to be hard while reading. But I am damn sure if you practice these, you will see the change.

Please try these steps and register your feedback and suggestions in the comment section.

To explore more about overcoming fear, please buy feel the fear and do it, anyway and fear: Understanding and accepting the insecurities of life from amazon.



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Very good research to overcome fear. Continue to do more like this. The ways found out by you is practically possible. Well done Anirudh.

Anirud Srinivas June 25, 2020 - 7:08 pm

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Valuable post.

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