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13 Ways to change yourself into a better person during this Pandemic

by Sanjeev
13 ways to chnage yourself into a better person

The need to change yourself into a better person :

Have you attempted to change yourself into a better person during this Pandemic? If not, don’t worry you still have a lot of time left to change yourself into that ideal person you have always wanted to be .

It’s normal to feel you could do more for self-change every day but most of us fail terribly with this part of our life. But being a better person doesn’t have to involve being overly hard on yourself. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The more self-kindness and self-compassion you can foster upon yourself, the more equipped you’ll be to treat those around you in the same way.

During these times of uncertainty it is important we don’t get lazy and shut down our lives by doing nothing. With this ongoing pandemic going from strength to strength every day, we see no end to our stay home quarantine any time soon.

Once the pandemic is over we will step into a more different reality which can be more challenging and requires us to equip and adapt ourselves to more challenging situations that we may encounter in the future. Indeed this is the time to realize that survival of the fittest is not only about coping to outside challenges but also about coping with ourselves every day in our lives .

They say in this life ,time is the most valuable resource of everything that is available to us  .So making use of this time to change yourself into a better person  can do wonders to your life so that you may accomplish more in the future  . Here are 13 ways through which you can transform yourself into a better person during this pandemic .

Practice mindfulness :

to change yourself into a better person


The first step to change yourself into a better person is by practicing mindfulness .you need make use of this time to analyse yourself from deep within and calm your senses. you need start looking at everything in a positive way. Practicing mindfulness is just a matter of giving yourself the chance to relax and realize the being inside which will lead you to feel more alive.


Try to wake up early every morning, get to your terrace and just breathe in the morning air ,feel the breeze observe the things happening around you, watch people, watch birds move around,watch the sunrise.Later spend some time to meditate and concentrate on your inner being, feel amazing, feel the moment.Having a positive vibe going around you all day long is very important in changing into a better person during this pandemic.

Starting every day positively by practicing mindfulness is a wonderful way to change yourself into a better person during this Pandemic.When you do this every day your whole day becomes better, eventually, your whole week becomes better and every week you do it makes your whole month better and every month you do it it makes a whole year better and that’s how you can change your life into a wonderful experience.

So it’s very important to  cultivate habits that relax your mind and give you a sense of feel-good , feel pleasant emotions inside your mind .

Choose healthy  :

to change yourself into a better person

It it is always a dream for anyone to be a  healthy person with a healthy mind and heart. Your diet and exercise go hand in hand when it comes to maintaining both your physical and mental health.

In the process to change yourself into a better person during this Pandemic find out the formula that really works for you.Use this  time to experiment with different diets and exercises and pick up the best ones that suit you and make it as your personal diet and exercise pattern .

When it comes to creating lasting changes in our health, we often fall into the trap of making ambitious goals that we expect to easily accomplish. After about two weeks, many of us slip back into old habits and forget why we wanted to change in the first place. Sounds familiar?

In order to avoid falling into these traps, it is important to define the purpose why we are following the diet  and exercise pattern .A clear purpose and achieving intermittent goals will help you to change yourself into a better person both mentally and physically .

Feel Grateful :

to change yourself into a better person

Gratitude is the healthiest of all emotions ,so it is important to live every moment with gratitude.Make gratitude your attitude and express it more often through your speech and actions .In order to change yourself into a better person during this pandemic you need to start feeling grateful every moment.We should even feel grateful just to be alive with so many people losing their lives all around the World .Getting more mindful of what is around you and how precious your life is a good start to feeling grateful .

Pay attention to little moments ,be fully present at the moment.Learn to genuinely appreciate every effort that is made by you to others and what others make for you. Observe , emotionally feel grateful for being where you are in life now to change yourself into a better person .


Indulge in self-care :

to change yourself into a better person

During this critical time there are a lot of traumas and mental stresses that come with this reality, whether we realize it or not, our mind is put into various degrees of pressure which is why self-care is important as our mind and body are probably taking in more than we realize.

Just simple things like spending time in the garden ,doing breathing exercises , Drinking a lot of water ,Moving around the house without being idle for a long time are someways of performing self-care and improve our positive feelings and emotions .

Taking time for yourself doesn’t have to be a whole day thing. It doesn’t even need to take several hours. Just indulging in self care for five to ten minutes could make a difference to a great to extent in changing yourself into a better person during this pandemic.

Be kind to yourself :

to chnage yourself into a better person

We are conditioned to think that being self-critical is normal. We subscribe to the fear that if we stop comparing and leveling ourselves to someone else, we are failures. We are primed to believe that our self-worth depends on how we perceive anyone else sees us .

These quarantine days are the right moment to give yourself the time and space to be yourself .As we spend more time alone in our own company we realize all these perceptions are our own voices .We need to look at ourselves and accepting who you are as a person.

We need to come out of the thinking that our happiness and self-respect depends on people and things we have no control over. We need to embrace what makes us, us. And here is the paradox.So it is important to stay kind to  yourself and give all the  love, kindness and respect to you first to change yourself into a better person during this pandemic

Pursue your passion:

to change yourself into a better person

If you have not found your passion yet ,with so much time in hand during this pandemic ,It’s a great time to test out your capabilities to do things  you have always wanted to do and are passionate about ,this is the right time to see if you are cut out for making your passion into your profession .It is important you are not focused on doing only one thing .

Explore your  every interest that you had in your mind to pursue and didn’t have the time to do before this Pandemic to change yourself into a better person.

Don’t Stay idle, Don’t Stay lazy ,It is very important you enjoy yourself doing it every day ,else it.When you experiment with your passion you eventually start being more creative and your self.esteem raises to new levels by looking at what you re capable of doing .

You start understanding yourself as a person and realizing the what your real talents and interests.This will have a great impact on your future and for some people even change what they really want to do with their life to change yourself into a better person during this pandemic.

Establish a routine :

to change yourself into a better person

To change into a better Person during this Pandemic ,managing your time is very important. To manage your time you need to follow a routine, a kind of plan to go about things that works for your way of life .Every night write down what needs to be done the next day and allot the time for all those things to be done.

If it fails don’t worry just analyse what went wrong and what is the reason the day didn’t go as you planned. Don’t worry just forgive and correct yourself to do a little better the next day . Slowly you will start forming habits.

You will start spending your time more usefully and productively.Thus a daily flexible routine will be very helpful for  you  to change yourself  into a better person during this pandemic.

Gain knowledge constantly:

to change yourself into a better person

All these days before the pandemic we were not in a position to explore and  dive deep to quench our thirst for knowledge .But now is the time to expand and gain our knowledge about a lot of things.

We can gain knowledge through various sources such as reading books , watching infotainment channels, Documentaries , reading newspapers,watching youtube videos , Hearing podcasts, online tutorials , webinars ,TED talks, Surfing the web etc.,

Constantly gaining knowledge  about a lot of new things and about things you were always curious about knowing  about will open your mind and let you to change yourself into a better person during this Pandemic change your perspective about the world to a great extent .

Learn life skills :

life skills

During this pandemic you can learn a lot of life skills  .So what are life skills ?.Life.skills are those skills which make  you do things on your own without seeking help from others  and also help you save a lot of money . Here’s a list of some  life skills you can learn and improve to change yourself into a better person during this Pandemic .

  • Learn to cook
  • Learn home repairs
  • Learn how home appliances work
  • Learn First aid basics
  • Learn housekeeping
  • Learn to repair your bike or car
  • Learn money management

Make your Life simple , content and, happy:


Only practicing  mindfulness  will not work if you do not make happiness your priority .Having a  happy mind set  without complicating life too much and keeping things simple is very important .

Don’t grind over   a lot of things in your mind rather keep yourself in a composed  state of mind where your priority is to be happy and content with what you have and you do not allow external factors affect you .

Having  the peace of mind and concentrating only on what you can do control and not worrying about the rest is the way to go if you want to change yourself  into a better person during this pandemic

Spread love :

We could all use a little extra love and kindness don’t you agree?
In this situation it is important to show love and care to everyone around us .Yes, it may feel like we are in the midst of so much heartbreak and insanity, but let’s remember there is also so much good around us – we just don’t hear about it as much. So let’s change that.Lets be kind to everyone around us.
Let us try to be be more empathetic and care for others just like we care for ourselves.Giving out constant kindness will definitely help us to change into a better person during this pandemic and we can stay that way even after normal life resumes .

Cultivate friendships:


Friends come in all shapes and sizes .We need to make use of this time during the quarantine to understand and get to a lot of people .This is the time to make friendships stronger and to help each other stay positive and productive .

Invest this time in your life to create more meaningful friendships and relationships .Start finding people with same interest as yours .Try interacting with them which will help your communication skills  .

Staying indoors during this Pandemic can give us  a lot of anxiety and stress .Thus it is important to stay connected with the world outside .You need to be more connected and try to communicate with a lot of people .

Try Calling  your old friends and ask how their life is going  , call your relatives and make sure they are safe , connect with new people through social media and get to know them more .There may a lot of things you didn’t know about a person.Now that everyone have a lot of time you can know about everyone and understand people’s true self during this Pandemic. You will only gain by doing this  the same time realize that you are  part of the community being.

Change is the only constant:

nothing in this life is constant ,Life is all about change .So decide today to make your life better in as many ways possible .Its never too late to start .Resolve to design and execute your life the you way you want it to be like and take the strides in the direction you want to go .Understand you are the only person responsible to all that happens in your life .So make use of this amazing time given to you to change yourself into a better person in every way possible.



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