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6 Intriguing reasons why companies employ Design Thinking

by Aishwarya Grace
Design thinking

Design Thinking is a trending subject in the business world today. In case you’re new to Design Thinking, you might be thinking about whether it’s something other than the most recent trend. So, what exactly is design thinking?

Made into a trendy expression, Tim Brown (CEO of IDEO, a global design firm), defines design thinking as “a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer’s toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.”

In simple words, it is a methodology utilized for pragmatic and innovative problem-solving. Including five stages—Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test—it is generally helpful to handle issues that are not well characterized or unknown.

Design thinking

Design Thinking begins with ‘why’ and creates the process for innovation.

– Brandon K. Hill, CEO of Btrax.

Design Thinking is frequently alluded to as ‘outside the box’ thinking, as designers are endeavoring to grow better approaches for imagining that don’t submit to the prevailing normal problem-solving techniques.

At the core of it, is the goal to improve products by breaking down and seeing how users interact with products and researching the conditions where they work and the intrigue and capacity to pose huge inquiries and challenging suppositions.

Design thinking has the potential to unleash people’s full creative energies, win their commitment, and radically improve processes

-Harvard Business Review on Innovation.

Now, the time has come to demystify why companies employ design thinking for driving their business!!

1. Fosters creativity and innovation to get more opportunities

Design thinking

As human beings, we depend on the information and encounters we have collected to inform our actions. We form patterns and habits that, while valuable in specific circumstances, can confine our perspective on things with regards to problem-solving.

Instead of rehashing the same tried-and-tested techniques, Design Thinking urges us to remove our blinkers and consider alternative solutions. The whole procedure fits into challenging assumptions and investigating new pathways and thoughts.

It is a powerful method that drives innovation and makes more open doors for everybody to contribute viably. This methodology causes companies to improve the usability aspects of their products/services. The selection of the products and services is improved with simpler designs and less difficult plans.

2. Extremely user/customer-centric

Design thinking

The remarkable advantage of Design Thinking is that it puts people first. It centers around users above all else, trying to comprehend individuals’ needs and come up with compelling answers to address those needs. Characterizing who’ll be utilizing the business solutions is the key to understand precisely how to create it.

By concentrating so vigorously on empathy, it urges businesses and organizations to consider the genuine individuals who utilize their products and services — which means they are considerably more liable to hit the imprint with regards to creating meaningful user experiences.

For the user, this implies better, helpful products that improve our lives. For businesses, this implies cheerful customers and a more advantageous bottom line.

3. It is collaborative

Design thinking

Collaboration implies connecting with individuals with alternate points of view and possibly grow new plans for problems. Some business people call this “collective expertise”.  It draws motivation from all over the place – including culture and surrounding communities – and requests input from an entire group.

The design thinking strategy proposes a similar sort of idea in a way to deal with all the difficulties of business. If sales battle with customer retention, design strategy motivates salespeople to look outside of sales strategies to grow new strategies and thoughts to see how to make enhancements.

This is an incredible method to get inputs and aggregately think of new and imaginative ideas for building better products and services. CEOs can utilize and energize design thinking for getting individuals lined up with shared objectives.

4. Gives a competitive advantage

Design thinking

Design thinking is an organized way to deal with finding creative solutions. It is a solution-focused methodology that puts customers at the core of products and services. The solution focus creates a strong differentiation that helps in building better products & services that customers love to utilize and also helps to beat the rivals.

Consistently, Fortune 500 names, for example, Apple, Microsoft, Disney, and IBM have shown the intrinsic value of “design thinking” as a competitive advantage that impacts the reality and drives business development. They’ve come to perceive that design occurs at the convergence of attractive quality for customers, suitability at the business level, and flexibility for technology.

5. Improves Customer Experience

Design thinking

A profound understanding of customers is significant for building the right solutions for them. The best products and services are worked by putting the necessities of their users first. The emphasis is on tackling problems for the customers and not simply making enterprise products.

The customer journey impacts their impression of your business. The ease with which, customers can connect, and complete things matter a great deal. Regardless of whether they are hoping to make a purchase or support issues resolved, every interaction impacts your brand perception.

Design thinking can be utilized to make wonderful and intuitive customer touchpoints to influence customers emphatically.

6. Boosts Morale

Design thinking

In some cases, confronting challenges can be upsetting to the whole organization. Changing and re-organizing can be even more stressful. Having a design thinking outlook can remind both businesses and individuals that the solutions are there and assist them with concentrating on the best way to discover them.

Design focused techniques probably won’t be for each business, yet numerous businesses have seen a shift in their capacity to approach problems, as well as an increase in their productivity, efficiency, and achievement of their overall solutions.

A ton of organizations has just prepared their groups in the specialty of Design Thinking. These instructional meetings drove by specialists are a decent method to become familiar with the ideas of Design Thinking and immediately put them to use inside the organization.

In the present unendingly developing markets, one thing is sure: we as a whole need Design Thinking to stay agile and at the top of our industries.

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