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Effective leadership tips for 2021

by Akshaya R

A leader is a learner




A leader is a person who guides and leads the team. The leaders give the direction and to achieve the goal.  The leader will be a force which binds a group together and motivates it towards the goal.

Koontz and O’Donnell have defined leadership as “the ability of a manager to induce subordinates to work with confidence and zeal”.

A leadership quality shows the objective and mission, vision of the company.  The leader acts as the planner and policymaker.

A leader must motivate the fellows to do their duties with sincerity and positive attitude.

Leadership is a forever activity it cannot be stopped and it must not be stopped.

A leader must share their ideas and experience with others and the leader should respect their ideas and accept to listen to them as well

Leadership must be formal and in an informal way.

A leader must create a comfort zone in which every person should feel comfortable to share their ideas and opinion.

A leader must recognise the effort and activities of the members of the team.

A leader has to perform 5 functions that are planning, organising, staffing, directing, controlling.

A leader must consider the welfare of the team member.

A leader is a body which binds the group together. A leader must act as a force which holds the group help each other and raise the whole team together.

The leader is the representative of the team. Leaders must take initiative for all matters of interest in the group to fulfil the psychological needs of the team.

A leader must overcome the External defects in the organisation or at any place.

A leader must resolve the conflict of interests among the members with different ideas, values, beliefs and temperaments.

Two ways of communication are really important for the leader.

A leader must consult their decision with their subordinates  There must be the decentralized authority and allow another group to share their power.

Democratic is a suitable style for a leader. The autocratic style should be followed only when it is needed.

A leader should ask their subordinates to participate in the various programme in the organisation.

A leader should consider their team as their family. A leader should be the head of the family. A leader should guide, help and protect the family member.

A leader must create a good working condition. And, that must be suitable for all members of the organisation.

Complete freedom of the members should be ensured in the team by the leader

A leader must possess a unique style. The style should inspire others to follow their lead.

A leader must give the opportunity to the max. level to improve their standard and positive attitude towards themselves.

A leader must allow other subordinates to take up a decision in any situation. A leader must motivate the team members to take any decisions courageously.

Group discussion must be conducted often by the leader to express their opinion about their team members and listen to their part as well.

Spontaneity is really important for a leader to take an immediate decision, manage and tackle the situation.

A leader should trust their subordinates and subordinates should trust the leader. It is a leader responsibility to build trust among them.

Read Trait theory, behaviour theory and situational theory to strengthen your leadership skills.

Read more case studies, newspapers, articles, etc to improve your knowledge.

Learn old epics like Mahabharatha, Ramayana, etc, and other historical books to create your own style of leadership.

Learning by doing is the key to learn anything and everything in your life.

You are a Leader!

Learn Learn Learn to be a leader!





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