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10 best ways to remove your mental block

by Sanjeev
10 best ways to remove your mental block

What is a mental block ? :


mental block


The need to create is a shared desire among artists, writers, musicians, bloggers etc., but, sometimes we  hit a zone where we  find ourselves stressed, overwhelmed and unable to produce original ideas.A mental block is an uncontrollable suppression or repression of painful or unwanted thoughts/memories.It can also be an inability to continue or complete a train of thought.

For example ,when one cannot solve a problem in mathematics which one will normally consider it as simple. Mental blocks are also often used to describe a temporary inability to recall a name or other information. A sudden cessation of speech or a thought process without an immediate observable cause, sometimes can be considered a consequence of repression.[1] Mental blocking can be a coping mechanism for mental illnesses such as hysteria, neurosis, and lack of pathology.

Being consistently prolific in your creative work is not an anomaly.But you can experience flow in your work, increase your creative output, and enjoy your work process.In order to do this  you have to make it possible by clearing the way for your brain to make those connections required for creativity.

Here are 10 best ways to remove your mental blocks :

1.Assess the risk:

Fear plays a big role in your mental blocks. You often react negatively to situations or obligations because you’re afraid of failure or of a potentially negative result. If you take the time to identify the actual risk in any experience, you can often reduce the fear and thus control your reaction to that fear. That way, you can assess the risks and evaluate how to handle them without letting fear play too big a part in causing mental blocks.

2.Take evidence:

When you find yourself facing the symptom of a mental block – whether it’s fear, anxiety, insecurity, or lack of focus ,ask your own mind to provide evidence that supports it. For example, if your mind is telling you that you just can’t focus, ask for a list of five reasons why focus is impossible for you right now and address the ones that can be addressed ,reject the ones that are vague or depend on past justification in order to remove your mental blocks

3. Take control of your state :

mental block

Understanding how to get over the point where the mind, body and emotions grind to a standstill is very important to overcome a mental block. You need to regain your momentum, harmonize your mind and body to reach your peak state to remove these temporary blocks in your flow of creative energy .

Often a little activity to take back the control of your current state  is all that’s needed to break through a mental block. Your state is ultimately the framework you operate out of in life, so use always use it to your advantage to unblock your thinking.

4. Calm your environment :

When your environment is cluttered or uninspiring, learning how to get over a mental block becomes all the more difficult. Your environment is more than just your physical surroundings – it also encompasses the sounds, people and activities that surround you in your day-to-day life.

If you’re overworked with too many responsibilities on your plate, you’ll have a hard time working up the extra energy necessary to overcome a mental block. The same is true if you’re not getting enough sleep or if you hold yourself to impossible standards

5.Create a Deadline:

Some professionals love deadlines, targets and thrive within those structured environments, while for others, a deadline seems restrictive.To some creatives, the deadline approach might seem a bit contradictory and somewhat stressful.

However, sometimes a self-induced deadline is often the kick-in-the-pants my blocked creative mind needs. A deadline gets my creative juices flowing and activates my brain with new thoughts and ideas which help me reach my goal.A target achievement seems to work really well to unblock your mind .

6.Try something new :

Science suggests that creativity occurs when the brain makes connections between unrelated concepts. One way to break through a creative mental block is to increase your neural pathways–and one of the best ways to do this is to learn something new.

Try learning something unrelated to your field. The more repetitive the task, the faster your brain will make new connections. Do things of your interest that combine creativity with focused attention and can boost the creative side of your brain.

7.Get it down on paper:

Journaling, specifically a process known as freewriting, uses the act of writing to encourage you to clear your mind of clutter and allowing you to focus. Freewriting is writing whatever comes to mind down on paper whether or not it relates to your creative pursuits. Then, you can go back and sift through your writing to pull out the parts that are relevant or inspirational.

If writing isn’t your thing, a sketchbook can provide you with a similar experience. Sketch out your ideas, try new color combinations or techniques without constraint. You can also use your sketchbook as a source of inspiration if a mental block occurs again.

8.Get clarity:

Getting clear on what you plan to accomplish and what outcomes you intend to have allows for a free flow of amazing ideas. Make your time count .And when you move on to an unfamiliar task, decide again. Life keeps on moving, each second ticking away, don’t drown yourself in a sea of indecision which leads you to create mental blocks

What really matters is  how easily you overcome challenges depends on your willingness to persist. If you persist in climbing, eventually you’ll reach your destination. Just like that thinking in the now to remove those blocks and become who you’ve always wanted to be is the best way to feel creative again .

9.Disconnect from technology:

Research shows that when we’face too many options or look at something in terms of unlimited possibilities, we tend to become overwhelmed and end up thinking less creatively

For example, the availability of quick entertainment via streaming platforms like Netflix is too difficult to resist.It is difficult to use our creative energy  in imagining, and creating a world when it has already been done for us.

Thus it is important to use technology to boost our creativity and remove any mental blocks rather than getting lost into it and losing our own identity .

10. Talk about it :

You can easily deal with  mental blocks with if you find sufficient help from people around you .Just like you other people too experience what you’re experiencing. Infact we all have more in common than we realize. Thus ,including your honest take on your struggles in your writing and communication and find a community of people who understand will help you clear out your mental blocks.But it is important to remember the purpose is not to sit around in self-pity together, but to share stories and solutions.


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