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Nurse -The Irresistible! | One of the Best Noble Profession,Yet ! An Underrated Profession | Challenges Faced

by Yazhini
Nurse- a noble profession

Do you want to know what made me to write this article, about nurses all of a sudden? There are two reasons which triggered me to write this.

First reason, On the 2nd week of May’20, me and my family began to watch a Malayalam movie “Take off”. This movie depicts the real story based on the ordeal of Indian nurses in the city of Tikrit, Iraq, in 2014. the cast crew performed in this movie are Parvathy Thiruvothu, Kunckacko boban, Fahadh Faasil, Divyaprabha, Asif Ali.

Image source: Take-off  Movie

Thoughts that mingled Up about Nurse!

After watching this movie, it made me realize the noble work of a nurse, how do they care, how do they suffer, what are the challenges they are facing in a hospital, how tiring their life is, how important their role is needed in the society as equivalent to a doctor, but why do their salaries are very less?

At the same time my mind was also having questions like, why don’t we appreciate them like doctors, why don’t people value them a lot? They are the ones who does first aid, when injured they are the one who examines us first, before doctor does.

When injecting 500ml or 200 ml drips, they(Nurses) are the ones who have an consistent check on us, just a small percentage of carelessness will lead us to a critical situation and it may even question our lives.

‘We face racism, people spit on us’: Over 350 nurses in Kolkata resign, head back to Manipur

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Second reason, I came across this news, that 350+ Nurses in Kolkatta have resigned their jobs.They said that “they were compelled to work without pay or without protective gear”. They faced criticism, discrimination, racism and people sometimes spat on them.

If they are repeatedly humiliated how can they work ?Without proper personal protective equipment kits, Without a proper salary how can we expect them to contribute their service peacefully?

Likewise, there are many challenges they face in their day to day  life!

The two major blended reasons to choose Nurse as a profession in India is: The passion to provide service to the  people & To safeguard their family and their poor financial situation.

Registered Nurse (RN)

registered nurse (RN) is a nurse who has graduated from a nursing program and met the requirements outlined by a country, state, province or similar government-authorized licensing body to obtain a nursing license.[1] An RN’s scope of practice is determined by legislation, and is regulated by a professional body or council.

National Nurses Week 2019: Nurses leading change in digital health ...

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Nurses play an integral role in the healthcare industry, providing care to the patients and carrying out leadership roles in hospitals, health systems and other organizations.

Nursing profession can be very rewarding but, it is equally challenging and it entails a huge level of dedication and commitment !

Responsibilities of a Nurse

  • Nurses save and improve lives as front line members of the health care delivery team
  • Nurses are patient educators, responsible for explaining procedures and treatments.
  • Responsible for discharge planning, deciding together with other health professionals when patients can go home, and helping patients adapt to their conditions and work toward full recovery.

Challenges faced in India

Many challenges facing nurses in US mirror those in UK, finds ...

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  • Workplace mental violence: It can be also in the form of threats, verbal abuse,hostility and harassment, which can cause psychological trauma. It can often lead to disturbed mental peace which will ultimately lead to less efficient care.


  • Multitasking can cause a lot of stress to perform their duty well.


  • Lack of recognition : Most of their work are not recognized well,During inspections conducted in Hospitals by Medical Council of India and Indian Nursing Council, nurses play a vital role in all facilitations, and at the culmination of the inspections,the outcomes are not shared with them and they are not acknowledged and recognised well.


  • Undertaking Non -Nursing roles : They are spending more time than necessary doing non-nursing-related work, for e.g., billing,record keeping, inventory, laundry. Actually, they are forced to do these kind of jobs than their work.


  • Long Working hours : It is evidently affecting the health of the nurses.


  • Less Pay : They are not given the proper pay based on their work, most of the talented nurses reach out to foreign countries  mainly for the care, respect and salary they provide.


Few Interesting Facts:

According to 2017 Global  Health observatory, there are 20.7 million nurses in the world.In America, there are more than 5.5+ million nurses caring 8.1+million patients each day.

  • The average distance the nurse walks a day is 4 miles (6.4 km) in a day in a hospital.
  • A better multi-tasker than any individual.
  • On an average, a nurse cares 6 to 9 patients during a single shift- it requires a lot of patience.
  • They encounter more vomit, urine and finger-painting than an average pre-school teacher.
  • They face more injuries than construction workers and more assaults than police officers and prison guards.

Nurses not only extend our quality of our lives but save our lives throughout their lifetime.

  • The average nurse in a hospital will help to save the life of more than 90 patients.
  • Every 10% increase in nurses  there is 4 % decrease in risk of deaths.


Finally, Nurses are a constantly bestowing compassion, with Knowledge and Kindness, doing what no one else will  do in a way that nobody else could do it. Their recognition in the society should be acknowledged well.

At least, From our side what we can do is, tell them how much they mean to us!

Let’s respect them! greet them! whenever we visit them,give the same importance as we give to our doctors!

thankyounurses: Hey. YOU- Nurse! YOU are awesome. | Nurses week ...

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Thank you wonderful hearts ! Reading this article itself ,is a great tribute that we pay to our caring nurses in this world.

Please share this article to your friends, families and more importantly to the nurses whom you know (At least any one).Let’s give them happiness by just one click of sharing (gives caring:-))!


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