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Meaning of Aura – Tempting truth about human energy field

by Hari Priya
Meaning of aura

We are hearing more about Auras these days. Before getting into the meaning of Aura. Let me give you a situation, just think and answer it by yourself whether you come across such a situation in your life.

  • You are with your gang of friends discussing something. When one of your friends tells his/her views, another friend in the gang says that they just thought about it.
  • Whenever you surround yourself with a certain person, you find yourself more cheerful, happy and feel positive vibrations around you.
  • We all have seen a mentor. In their classes, the entire class would be more attentive and enthusiastic, despite how much we hate a particular subject.

I hope we all met with at least one situation I have mentioned above. I could understand the question in your mind now.

How these incidents relate to Aura?

Well, you will get the answer while reading this article. Let us jump into the topic ‘Meaning of Aura’


Auras are the coloured layers which enclose our body. Every other living thing, non-living things, it may be any objects like pen, chair, table etc.., has Aura.

Meaning of aura



What causes Aura?

As we all know, everything in this universe comprises an atom. Atom is the constituent of particles like electrons, protons and neutrons. When these particles vibrate, it emits or radiates certain energy.

As our body is composed of millions of atoms, the mass of energy it radiates surrounds our human body, called Aura. A human energy field. They have also discovered that the aura is an electromagnetic field extending all over our body.

We have seen pictures of Gods and spiritual leaders, a ray of light of white colour which surrounds their head. Back then, I thought it may symbolize their enlightenment, but it shows their Aura’s density.

Scientific research on aura proved that reading aura colours (yes, the aura has colours) and their density reveals the physical, mental and even the spiritual state of that person.

Also, by reading one’s aura we can say how healthy the person is. For further understanding of aura and to know the meaning of aura, we have to understand some basic concepts of chakras.


Chakra means WHEEL. Chakras are energy centres of our body where energy gets transferred to the entire body. There are many mini chakras and seven major chakras. These seven chakras have unique colours.

The colours of these chakras are the same as the colours of the rainbow, VIBGYOR and it governs your mental, emotional and physical health. They associate each chakra with some parts of our body and is responsible for its functioning.

The name and associated colours of the chakras are :

  • Root chakra.                 – Red

  • Sacral chakra.              – Orange

  • Solar plexus chakra.   – Yellow

  • Heart chakra.              – Green

  • Throat chakra.             – Blue

  • Third eye chakra.       – Indigo

  • Crown chakra.             – violet

These are located in the straight line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, as shown in the picture below.

Meaning of aura,

Let me put it in simple words, Chakras are energy centres spinning inside the body and auras are energies that extend outward from the body. So, the Aura (energy) extends from the body has colours. But it does not arrange these auras in proper layers. They are scattered.

How reading aura colours defines the mental state and physical illness of a person?

The unique colours in aura have some meaning which holds information about emotions, personality, mood and physical health. The below picture denotes some basic information about the meaning of aura colours and their causes.

Meaning of aura

The disturbances in the colours of aura represent blocked chakras or imbalance in the chakra’s spinning.

For example, disturbance of blue colour in aura denotes the blockage of the throat chakra (because the colour of this chakra is blue), it is the sign of communication disorder and possibilities of thyroid imbalance.


Meaning of aura
This picture denotes gives detailed information about the physical signs of imbalances of chakras.

Aura therapy is still an unflourishing technique, it’s an alternative treatment y for healing. Aura therapist heals by transferring energy to the patient. They believe that our body has a tendency to cure by itself, and they aid by tapping the energy.

Can we see our aura in the naked eye?

Yes, it’s possible. It needs more practice with the concentration, also an aura psychic to guide you. They develop advanced technology in aura photography, which easily captures Aura.

Is Auras contagious?

meaning of aura


Yes, as we know, auras are energies that get transmitted around us. The aura of persons surrounding us has effects on our Aura.

(Hope you got the answer for the question I raised at the beginning of the article)

If the surrounding person is positive and vibrant, their energy has a positive impact on us and it’s the same for the dangerous aura. The aura may get disturbed by our own emotions – anxiety, anger, fear and because of an exchange of energy with the people, we interact with. So it is necessary to cleanse our aura.

How to cleanse our aura?

The simplest way to cleanse aura is deep breathing. Chanting positive mantras. By just repeating positive statements makes us more vibrant and also kills negative energy around us.

Crystals prevent negative energy by absorbing them from entering our body. That’s why when the therapists heal the patients wear crystals, those protect them from the negative vibrations.

Aura is a vast topic, and it’s subtle. In this article, I explained my understanding of the meaning of Aura, Chakras and its colours.

If your views were different about the meaning of aura, please leave it in the comment box and let me know more.

If you are new to this topic, hope I seeded the eagerness to know more about Auras. To explore more about aura, please buy e-books on Auras or hard copies at Amazon.

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