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Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

by Arthi Nagarajan

Bye Bye PCOS!

Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

Before going into the topic I just want you to know the fact that 80% of women have PCOS or PCOD. yes, it is painful to hear, but it is the bitter truth. I hope this article will be helpful for those who suffer from this. While hearing about PCOD/PCOS Lot of questions may arise in your mind, can a pill cure it? Or which is the best way to cure? Pills may be a cure for PCOS, but it is not the best way. First, know little about PCOS and PCOD.

PCOS expands to Polycystic ovary syndrome and PCOD expands to polycystic ovary disease.

Here, women will have more male hormones (androgen) than usual levels and irregular periods. A Famous proverb


Why does this happen to us?

Because Consuming carbs, sugar & alcoholic drink will introduce extra weight in the abdomen. Overweight may lead to irregular periods, irregular periods may lead to PCOS, PCOS may lead to Overweight. it’s like a triangular cycle.

This may lead to the formation of a cyst in the ovaries. Ultrasound scanning is used to identify the PCOD/PCOS. First Don’t worry. Proper diet and regular work out can easily cure it. So why does it occur? There is no answer for this, but we have a remedy to find the cure for PCOS.


Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

  • Irregular periods
  • Overweight
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Trouble in getting pregnant
  • Anger
  • Excess hair
  • Ovarian cyst
  • Mood swings
  • High testosterone
  • Hair fall
  • Fatigue



  • DIET
  • YOGA

What we should eat?

Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

 PCOS diet can include:

  • Fruits (strawberries, blueberries, apple, pomegranate, blackberries)
  • Fatty fish
  • Cauliflower and broccoli
  • Spinach and green leaf vegetable
  • Almonds, nuts.
  • Natural food

The important thing is to change our entire lifestyle as a healthy one. Have much, but it should be fruits and nuts. Instead of milk take naturally extracted almond milk. Take honey as replacement of sugar because eating too much sugar leads to overweight and may also cause diabetes.

Have turmeric tea as a substitute for caffeine, because Caffeine increases your Blood Glucose level. Avoid eating meat and chicken. Start eating protein-rich Eggs. We can have nuts and seeds instead of the packed item like lays etc. Dark chocolate is good than dairy products. Avoid eating carbs and have whole wheat because they are natural and unprocessed food, which includes healthy oil.

We can also take Red wine, in a moderate amount. Avoid gluten and soy, and the foremost thing is to drink plenty of water & avoid using plastic bottles to drink water. So before doing it, we have to make sure that; it is for long-term changes in lifestyle and start your healthy diet.


EXERCISE – A Natural cure for PCOS

Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

Walking reduces stress and depression. It helps us to reduce weight and boost up our immunity level. Walking helps us to regulate blood pressure, and it also reduces the risk of heart disease. The major advantage of a morning walk makes you fit, and it helps to increase your metabolism.

This the method of an unpaid source in which you can reduce your weight & make it fit. Avoid going to bed immediately after dinner. Walk for 10 minutes. It helps to assimilate your food. By walking we get fresh air and that helps to reduce obesity rate, and it improves our immune system and it may also reduce your anger.

Having a walk with our friends gives us more energy and it won’t get bored and more walking helps to reduce belly fat which is more important for PCOS. Doctors suggest walking because elder People may not do massive workouts to reduce weight.


Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

To obtain a cure for PCOS, swimming is one of the best way and also a good workout for our entire body. It helps to lower weight and burns calories & maintains our blood level. Swimming in the morning increases your metabolism and makes you energetic for the complete day.

It helps to build muscles and strengthen our cardiovascular. There is a yoga pose called Pilates swimming this helps us to reduce stomach fat. For this, we have to lie down on the floor, stretch your hands and legs and raise alternatively.


Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

Jogging gives double benefits as walking and it helps to reduce the weight and burns the entire fat in the body. Many youngsters prefer jogging as they can improve their energy level and body stamina. It also helps to maintain weight.

The most important thing to aid in the process of acquiring a cure for  PCOS is to reduce stomach fat thus jogging helps to reduce the belly fast and makes stomach flat. A brisk jog in the morning gives more energy and boost our immune system. Jogging and running are an original form, as jogging can be with less than 3-4 miles per hour, but running resembles the double.

It burns a lot of calories even we can use thread mill but if we do in the fresh air, we may get a release from stress and keep our mind calm. Thus, everything comes under physical activity. So, jogging acts as a natural cure for PCOS.


Yoga is one of the best-known ways to cure most of the physical as well as mental illness including PCOS. Below, are the list of asanas, which can act as a cure for PCOS.

Butterfly pose

Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

Mountain pose

Cure for PCOS – 3 best natural ways for woman to fight against it.

Child pose

Boat pose

Bow pose

Lotus pose


To understand PCOS, the best proverb as an example:

Prevention is better than cure

From the above explanations, I hope you have grasped the natural cure for PCOS, using diet, exercise and yoga. Let us adopt the natural way to say


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