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Live with Integrity | 4 Powerful Habits

by Yazhini

Have you ever assessed your behavior, how honest are you? Sometimes, we feel that what we are doing to others is good. But, we do hide our feelings for portraying us to be good. Does this behavior acceptable? You might also feel why is she/he so mean to you? Why do people do this to me? Why did she/he betray me? Why did I act in such a disgusting manner? – These Questions do arise in our mind but we don’t care about. But these all, where the Integrity should be taken into account. Let’s explore what’s it’s like to live with Integrity.

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Hope this article helps you find peace! The described emotions, questions here would have flashed on all our minds at least at one sort of time/more frequently in your lifetime.

Note: Though this article is quite long, the words used here are very simple, will be related to your daily happenings in your life.

What is Integrity?

Integrity is the state of being honest and being authentic. It is a personal trait of truthfulness, loyalty, self-awareness, and following one’s moral principles. Being honest is always not possible, but delivering it in the right manner without disregarding others is possible if, we could fine-tune our words of action.

Behavior at the Workplace

You might feel people around you are spying you, they might gossip about you or your colleagues, the people might try to bring you down whenever you come up with new challenges/solutions. Your colleagues might discourage you even though what you are doing is right. You may feel inferior about yourself sometimes when others do well either it may be a presentation or a board meeting.

Okay, now you might think that what is that with or how it is related to Integrity? Have you ever thought why do you think about your surroundings? Why do you depend on their words whenever you come up with a solution instead of believing yourself?

Living with Integrity is not looking at others’ opinions, is not getting influenced by others’ behavior.

Living with integrity is being humble, concentrating only on our goals & achievement.

Behavior with friends

With your Friends, you might feel some sense of difficulty in accepting your friend’s beliefs. You might feel how my friends could score/perform well when we learned it together. How come he/she got the chance why not me? At the same time, how did I have got the score, Why not my friend? Why did my friend behave differently with the faculty/teacher when everyone’s around? Why is she/he close to his/her other friend, not me?

About the Integrity here is, Understand Everyone is unique, No one can be the same as you. Your opinion on others can be good or bad, the same way they might also have some opinion about you. Each person has their own space and acts differently with each person, but the person who is genuine to you matters! Find the person who is real, genuine, and stick to them. But, it’s hard to find the right one.

To be frank, in your Life, you will be fully surrounded by people. No matter what, they might be good/bad to you. Accept as how they are. Don’t blame/ be selfish to them. Always be nice to people around you.

Understand everyone is running the cycle of their life in this world. No one is too fast or too slow. Have a firm belief that the purpose of your life will be achieved in this incarnation. Don’t compare yourself with others. Just keep moving!

Behavior with Yourself

You could have some thoughts like, where is my life taking towards? Why am I being like this? What is the purpose of my life? Why didn’t I finish this work on time? Why am I lazy? Why do I overreact in certain situations?

We do also behave like, I am not going to hurt him/her even though what she/he does wrong. I am going to insult her/him as she/he did this to me on that day. I should perform well than other people. I have to do this work even though I hardly knew about it, only to beat my enemy/colleague.

Do you think these kinds of attitude gives you peace? Does achieving more than your friends/enemy gives you happiness? Not! It slowly takes away only the individuality in you. When you work for yourself, when you give your best rather thinking about others then comes the real success and peace- This is where the integrity also lives in. Also, Stick to your commitments. Never give a distrust to others.

Try to be self-aware of whatever things you do!

Just throw out the questions on your purpose of life towards the Universe with a positive belief, you will find the purpose and achieve it!

Do you want to find peace in whatever the situations you come across?

Four Simple, Yet Powerful Habits to live your life Happily & Peacefully with Integrity!

1. Humility

Individuals with integrity will always be humble. They understand that they are not always more important than others, they understand that they are not less important than others. It is hard to accept and develop this trait, have a recognition that you are not always right, and that you do not have all the answers with you.

To cultivate this trait:

             -Listen to others

             -Practice gratefulness

             -Don’t shy to ask help from others

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2. Raise Others

Do you want to have a healthy relationship with everyone? Without any second thought, always do help others. Each relationship is bidirectional. When you help others, you develop mutual trust with others. But it’s a hard reality that no one is too good or too bad, people can backstab you. Accept the reality and don’t give up with your tendency of helping others. It will give you clarity in your life. The benefits and happiness you achieve will be endless.

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3. Stay Committed to your words.

When you stay committed to your words, you develop a habit of being loyal and trustworthy. When you are committed to what you say, you are honest with yourself for what you are doing. A commitment obligates you to do something.

When you are committed to your job, work, your own words you can conquer whatever you do. This trait helps you how to think, how to react, and how to be more powerful.

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4. Accept others as they are

It is one of the most difficult habits to cling, to cultivate this,

  • Watch your thoughts,
  • Stop judging yourself,
  • Respect other beliefs,
  • Never compare yourself with others,
  • Accept other imperfections,
  • Embrace their Flaws.

Accept others as they are.

One of my 2 most Inspiring leaders who had lived their lives with Integrity are our Ever loving, our honorable Abdul Kalam and  the most caring-Mother Teresa.

The Notable People living with Integrity are Oprah Winfrey, Ratan Tata, JK Rowling, Jack Ma, Nick Vijjucic, and there are many more….

Most of the inspiring and loving people live their life with Integrity.

Let us also bring a loving humanity to this world and live with Integrity.


Thank you! Individuals, who had made an inspiring attempt for giving a good read to live your life with Integrity!


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Premi May 9, 2020 - 9:16 am

‘Integrity’ common characteristics we should hold as human…. Ironically we are unaware of it…. Nice to hear from you, the topic suits you. I hope we all learn it.


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