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How to maintain a Healthy relationship? | 7 fascinating tips |

by Bhuvi Vivek

Human is a social animal who live in groups and share some sort of relationships with every other fellow being. Here the term ” Healthy Relationship” means the bond which keeps them together.

The nature, taste and behaviour of every individual differ and of course, there is nothing wrong with it. This is where the conflict arises.

We all will be in a relationship, that maybe the bond you share with your friend or anybody. We all may like them a lot, still, we may often end up with arguments and disappointment. That may lead to question yourself.

” Where does the problem lies?”

Everyone might have crossed this question at least once. If you say”Yes”, then let’s try to solve it.

healthy relationships

Let’s explore the seven simple and fascinating tips to maintain a healthy relationship.

1. Motivate

2. Don’t try to be a decision-maker

3. Accept and Appreciate

4. Discuss and communicate

5. Friendship and Freedom

6. Understanding

7. Make efforts

Let’s see those in brief.

1.Motivate :

” A healthy relationship doesn’t drag you down,
It inspires you to be better”

healthy relationships

With a motivating partner, you will lead a fabulous life. Encouraging and Supporting your partner to shine in their field is the beautiful part of a Healthy Relationship. Give them space to walk on their passion, let them pursue their dream. Let the give wings to their talent, let your relationship be not a barrier to their vision.

Assist them, if can’t at least appreciate them, Help them to balance both the personnel and professional life. A strong partnership is directly proportional to carrier success. If they could be a better person, than they were before, because of you, then it is your actual success.

If you ask me, what does, “Motivating Partner to grow” has to do in maintaining a successful relationship?

By the by in the process of motivating and assisting your partner to grow, you will understand them better, you will come to know the wishes they kept buried in their mind.you will realize the problems they face in their carrier, all this will makes a better understanding between both.

2. Don’t try to be a decision-maker:

The psychology of the relationship is, it will wish to be the decision-maker, but not the one who does go by the decision of the partner. This is human nature causing trouble. Don’t try to be the decision-maker. Tell your ideas; speak up the positives and negatives of both your ideas.

Code your opinions, but first, try to stand supportive to the decisions of your partner. Don’t expect that your opinion only, should be turned as the decision. Being a decision-maker in a relationship is not at all a proud possession. Trying to be a decision-maker is a form of control that one tries to have over another.

A decision is something which ought to be taken mutually, after analyzing all the possible outcomes by both in the relationship, this will keep the relationship healthier.


The tendency to accept and appreciate the differences is the key to a successful healthy relationship.
Don’t expect your partner to fit into your shoes. It’s not mandatory that they should have similar likes and dislikes as yours.

They need not go with your choices all the time. Let them have their own choices and voice.

Accept the differences.

You may be the one, who like blue and grey. But your partner may go with dark red and white.

You can’t expect them to choose your favourite for them. Let them live with their favourites.

Appreciate the differences

Don’t stand still with your policies, bend and blend with their favourites wholeheartedly. Try to see the beauty in their choices, search for the thing which looks cute for you in their selections. This will bring you both more closer.

4. Discuss and communicate

healthy relationships

Communication – The art of sharing ideas and feelings, it’s like the wheel of healthy relationships.

Without communication, there is no relationship. A great relation has great communication. As much as you communicate, the relationship will turn healthier. Communication will let you under each other better, will make both of you realize the pain and stress of each other.

Knowing each other better will make the relationship healthy. Communication with a relationship is like what oxygen is to life. The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand, We listen to reply. The best relationship is the one, in which yesterday’s fight doesn’t stop today’s communication.

Lack of communication will kill any relationship. Discuss more, listen to what your partner comes to say. Assist them, comfort them, ask opinions, add your ideas, this will help to maintain strong and healthy relationships.

5.Friendship and freedom

The base of any strong relationship is the friendship that dwells in the heart of two. Without a friendly feel, no relationship can survive for a long. Being a friend to your partner will lead both of you to a comfort zone, which may extend to a sharing, caring, healthy relationship.

When you consider your partner as your friend, automatically you both will come closer by heart. Trust the fact, friendship can do magic.

The freedom in a relationship will bring out all the possible best, among the one who is in a relationship.

A relationship is like an air-filled balloon, we can enjoy it with it, we can hold it with love and can admire its beauty but if we press it harshly, claiming it to be a right, it will burst and we will have nothing at the end.


healthy relationship

The key point to be maintained in a relationship is understanding. When you could understand your partner in the right way, you can avoid all the possible misunderstandings. Don’t react to what you see, when something unexpected happens, stand back and observe, think in the perspective that what might have made them to do that, this may help you. When you could understand your partner without the aid of words, you can experience the magic of relationships.

We all know well a saying,

” Understanding is an art, but not everyone is an artist.”

Understanding is not always about the conversation. It also includes the unsaid longings, desires, pain, dreams, wounds, and confusions.

7. Make efforts for a healthy relationship

The psychology of any relationship is it will expect to be valued to the fullest.
Making and breaking a relationship is simple, travelling with it throughout is what demands effort.

Consider the efforts been taken by the one who pairs you up. Express your gratitude, Joy for what they did to bring a smile on your face.

A healthy relationship is where the involvement to stay together is true and evident and equally shared by each other and not where the relationship lives only because of the effort taken by one of two.

It’s like a plant that grows on itself self you can’t and should not force it to grow soon taller or in any such way. It should happen naturally.


Having arguments and disappointments is very common, but make sure you argue to retain the love, on them, finally. When you feel something unpleasant in a relationship, speak up, make them understand, what you feel, even do argue, nothing wrong in it.

But remember you do all these things to sail a boat named relationship smoothly, safely and happily in the sea named life. These are the fascinating tips to maintain  healthy relationship.

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1. Motivate

2. Don’t try to be a decision-maker

3. Accept and Appreciate

4. Discuss and communicate

5. Friendship and Freedom

6. Understanding

7. Make efforts

Exactly best 7 tips. Well done keep it up .

We try to follow these 7 steps………

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