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Best 5 Daily Routine Health Habits

by Neela Priyadharshini
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Daily routine health habits for happy living

The greatest wealth is Health. Daily routine health habits are very necessary to maintain a proper health. We never value health until we fall sick. Before falling sick, focus on someĀ  habits and make them a routine so that your tomorrow becomes a promised one. With more care, through this article I am listing down 5 basic habits that are very familiar to us. What we need is awareness and your awareness should turn into a positive perception. So that all these habits can be gradually inbuilt.

1. Breathe well for a healthy living
2. Drink 4 to 6 liters of water
3. Exercise regularly
4. Say “NO” to sugar
5. Have a regular deep sleep

So what I said is right? All of you are well aware of all these. Right?
No, don’t stop here or don’t just scroll.

Only a healthy body can have a healthy mind and vice versa, so it is necessary to understand their importance and be in sync with them.


” Breathe in and out ” is the basic breathing exercise you all would have been taught in your childhood yoga classes.

daily routine health habits

So, let’s start with breathing. Take a moment and observe your breathing pattern. Can you realize your breathing pattern? Not only we inhale and exhale, but our two nostrils also work differently which has direct relations with the sun and moon. Generally, the right nostril is dominant during the day and the left nostril is dominant during the night.

The right nostril is associated with the sympathetic nervous system and the left nostril is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system. When your body undergoes a disturbance in its natural balance, a switch occurs in this dominating pattern. For instance, Your sympathetic nervous system gets triggered when you are angry or when you are in fear. As a result, your heart beats faster and blood pressure goes up.

Another basic breathing exercise will help you to handle such situations. Close your right nostril with a right hand. Take a deep breath (inhale) through your left nostril and release the breath ( exhale) fully each time till your count reaches 10. Make sure your breathing is slow and deep. Again do the same by closing your left nostril. Breathe deep, release, and relax.


Do this every morning and feel the wonderful transition. Around sunrise, a shift from left to right nostril and at sunset shift from right to left nostril occurs. When you meditate at one of these transition times, your heart calms down and emotional charges of fear, anger, anxiety dissipates gradually. Making it a routine practice can maintain your body’s natural balance.


All of you might have heard this “n” times. Yet many of you turn a blind eye to it and reach for other beverages to quench your thirst.

Hydration is always related to your brain and body. Even mild dehydration impairs memory and lowers your energy level. Your brain is 80% water. Drinking an ample quantity of water at regular intervals improves memory and concentration.

In today’s world, we have no way of escaping away from stress. Your body has a harmone called the cortisol which is the stress hormone. Dehydration increases the cortisol level and leads to stress. Make sure you drink sufficient amount of water to escape from negative physiological and psychological impacts of stress.

How can water boosts energy levels?

daily routine healthy habits

Fatigue is another major impact of dehydration. When you intake more water, the oxygen flow is maintained. There will be a regulated flow of oxygen to the brain and all body organs. This increases your energy level. Staying hydrated keeps you energetic.

Make drinking warm water on an empty stomach a morning ritual. This is the best way to flush out toxins and a good start for a perfect active day. It’s, without a doubt, the easiest way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Exercising helps you to maintain a healthy mind and body. Overall fitness is different for different people, but being healthy is the best form. Many of you may have the struggle of getting committed to a regular exercise program. Even though you know that exercising regularly is a major priority, your avalanche of other tasks pushes it to the bottom of the list.

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Pick your favorite exercise and be careful at the same time. Exercises are not only meant for losing weight, it lowers the risk of falling ill and prevents you from many diseases. Regular exercising can go a long way in boosting your confidence, improving your morale, and fixing your posture. Studies also reveal that exercise has a lot to do with your life expectancy. Exercising regularly can also improve the dopamine levels that can improve your mood and make you stay motivated. The effect of exercise plays a crucial role in the functioning of the brain.

It is not only about heading a gym or having a treadmill in your house. Walking, jogging, running, dancing, push-ups are also forms of simple physical workouts.

Fit into a workout and Make it a part of your daily routine. Do not exercise in a rush as it is a common way of getting injured.


Despite the constant warning messages, I can see people reaching out for sugar-laden foods. Indians have a culture of exchanging love and appreciation through sugary treats. The truth hidden is sugar is not so sweet to us all the time. There are thousands of scientific reasons to stay away from sugar and sugar added products.

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Research studies prove that over consumption of sugar finds a lead in major health problems like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. The fact is that sugar not only feeds your taste glands, but also feeds it with bad bacteria, candida, mutated cells, and yeast. Sugar also is a cause for premenstrual symptoms and hormonal imbalances.

People go for refined sugar these days which itself offers no nutrition. Over consumption of sugar leads to dysglycemia that causes poor concentration, digestive problems, poor memory, insomnia, and irritations.

Try to give up sugar or be conscious that you don’t take more than two teaspoons of sugar a day and replace it with wholesome snacks and fruits.


daily routine healthy habits


At the end of the day, all you need is a calm sleep. This part takes you into the importance of having a deep sleep.

Rising early and being to bed on time increases the production of serotonin, the happy hormone that in turn leads to the production of melatonin that gives u a deep sleep. Rising early as well as being in sunlight in the early morning naturally makes you feel fresh and active throughout the day.

Two common maladies throughout this modern world are depression and irregular sleeping habits. Deep sleep drives you into active, brisk, and higher states of consciousness. Starved sleep patterns lead to a struggle with a disturbed consciousness and drive into a dull day. This also makes you little cranky and you get irritated easily. When you reach bed late at night, you disturb your body’s natural rhythm as a result of which your immunity level goes down.

To excel in life, find a way, and plan your tasks to normalize your sleep patterns. There is great benefit in it that gives you light, relaxed, calm, and a carefree day.


You run to earn a happy living. Make sure whether you are running healthy so that you can enjoy all the happiness. Those five I have listed above are the basic and essential health practices that need to get fitted into your daily routine. When you are in tune with these practices your body and soul get refreshed automatically.

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