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How do colorful foods play an important role in our lives? | Hidden benefits of 6 Colors

by Yazhini
Colorful foods

We do give importance to colors while buying dresses! But, Why should we mind concentrating the colors in the food we intake?

For our body’s health, we give importance to choosing what type of vitamins, proteins we should take care of and what to consume. The same way, It is very easy to focus on colorful foods that we should intake, which merely aids in your healthy life!

Let us know the hidden meaning and health benefits of each color:

1. Red Color foods give you Confidence

Red Fruits And Vegetables: Health benefits of eating red color ...

  • Apple, Pomegranate, Watermelon, Beetroot, Red Radish, Dried Red Chilly, Tomato, Red onion generates the confidence to your body.


  • This helps to reduce the free radicals which generate in your body. This(Free radicals) destroys the protein and DNA cells therefore in taking these foods helps you to keep healthy.


  • Females who want to become beautiful and to avoid cancer in our body parts like-liver, chest, stomach- Intake Apple, Pomegranate & Tomato daily.


  • The above-mentioned foods have rich lycopene– which helps to resist cancer creating molecules.

2. Green Color foods help to protect your eyesight

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  • The Iron content is high in all kinds of green foods. It helps to reduce hair loss and also, helps to increase the health of your eyesight.


  • Green Apple, Lemon, Kiwi, Beans, Green peas and all kind of Spinach helps you to fight against cancer and gives relief to your digestion related problems.


  • To overcome Fever- Cabbage soup, Snake gourd aviyal helps to relieve you from fever soon.


  • Sulforaphane is rich in green foods, when we consume impure foods without our knowledge, this helps to destroy the bad bacteria/fungi created in our body.


3.Blue color foods help to keep the Calcium content active

Blue Food Coloring From Superfruit Shades in Beverages : Sensient ...

  • Grapes, Brinjal, Onion, Ragi, Milk helps to relieve body pain.


  • Blue color foods help to increase brain power and gives strength to our body.


  • As Antioxidant and Anthocyanin are present in blue color foods, it helps to keep our brain active and energetic throughout the day.


  • Grapes, Mulberry, Onion and Cabbage plays a great role in fighting with the diseases in our body.

4.Orange/ Yellow foods help to protect our heart

Eating The Rainbow: Why A Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Is ...

  • Orange, Mango, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Carrot, Yellow tomato, Banana -these foods are rich in Potassium and Vitamin-C.


  • These foods helps to protect your high blood pressure and it aids in reducing the bad cholesterol in our body.


  • It energizes our heart and bone system.


  • The people above 30 years, should concentrate on Yellow color foods which helps them to prevent eyesight related problems and also, helps to prevent prostate cancer at an early stage.

5. White foods- Keeps your Immunity to stay active

Health Benefits of Eating White Food

  • Salt, Maida, Sugar reacts fast when mixed with blood and helps to increase your insulin level These foods helps to increase our urge to eat further. Therefore, by eating these foods it helps to increase our body weight.


  • Though it is said that these white foods deplete our health, we shouldn’t avoid these foods.


  • Rice, Oats, Curd, Paneer, Coconut have lots of health benefits.


  • Rice helps to reduce high blood pressure. Diabetes patients should consume little amount of rice and idlis -this helps to keep the insulin level normal and energetic.

6. Orange foods reduce the swelling

Why Orange Foods Are So Good for You | EatingWell

  • Mango, Carrot, Apricot, Fish, Turmeric, Sweet potato helps to reduce the swellings in our body.


  • These foods consist of alpha and beta carotene- helps to increase the eyesight.


  • Therefore, consume a lot of mangoes during mango season. It also helps to increase the iron content in our body and prevents anemia.


  • Sweet potato helps to relieve the swelling very fast.


Let us look into the tabular column of related foods, colors, and benefits in brief:

(Note: Benefits column is viewable in the landscape mode)

Color Foods Nutrients Benefits
Red Tomato, Watermelon, Red Guava, Cherry, Chilly Lycopene Prevents Prostate cancer, Diabetes and reduces weight loss.
Orange/ Yellow 1.Carrot, Mango, Apricot, Salmon fish, Turmeric, Sweet potato

2. Citrus fruits, Orange, Lime, Papaya, Ginger, Honey

Alpha & Beta carotene





Prevents cancer




Help to boost immunity and keeps your digestive system active

Yellow/ Green  Corn, Peas, Egg yolk, All kind of spinach, Banana, Pine apple Lutein and Xeaxanthin Helps for good eyesight, Prevents cataract
Green Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, green grapes, Kiwi, Tulsi, Pudina, Coriander Sulforaphane Prevents transmitting diseases, help the pituitary glands to function well
Blue/ Red Grapes, Brinjal, Chickpea, Urad dal Antioxidants & Anthacyanin Help to generate insulin, strengthens brain and concentration.

Builds immunity

Also, Try to take the foods listed below at least one in each color everyday,

For Red :  Tomato/ Dried chili

For Blue/Red : Apple/ Beetroot, Brinjal

For Orange:  Carrot/ Pumpkin

For Orange/Yellow- Any Citrus fruits

For Green/Yellow- Green peas, Corn any kind of spinach, Coriander, Grapes, Cabbage, Corn

For White- Garlic, Onion, Radish.


Therefore, the above-mentioned benefits and intake of colorful foods help you to stay healthy and fit. Also, try to eat all seasonal foods whichever is available in your near places. This article will help you to be mindful and conscious about the foods you eat.

Eat Colorful , Stay Colorful !!

And, Don’t forget to share the hidden meaning of colorful foods to your friends, family and relatives. Hope this article will help all the people to stay mindful and healthy especially during this current situation.

Help us and others, do share this article to your friends and dear ones to stay healthy! Many thanks!

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