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Cultivate the habit of reading books – 7 Easy tips

by Dhivya Manick
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Tips to ease your difficulties in reading books

Developing a new habit is really a great challenge. Especially reading books is like learning martial arts to many but the reality is they somehow want to make reading as a habit. Some habits like watching Netflix, playing PUBG, and more habits that many of us don’t have any intention to cultivate it. But somehow it became a part of our routine. How did this happen automatically? 

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

It is our little extra “interest” towards that particular activity than other activities that makes us follow that activity daily. Similarly, if we develop some interest in the books definitely we can cultivate the habit of reading books. How can we develop our interest in books? Let us explore seven simple tips to develop our interest in books and make reading a lifetime habit.

1.Flip through the reviews and synopsis

The biggest confusion that many of us have when we think of cultivating this habit is that what is the right book to start with. Again the key player “interest” comes in. Every one of us has interests in different genres like love, literary fiction, science fiction, and more. So go through the reviews of the books in a particular genre or read the reviews of bestselling books. Where to read good reviews? 

Many good reviews are available in online retail platforms like Amazon and Flipkart where the customers will post their reviews when they buy books. It will showcase the books from the reader’s point of view. Several bloggers also will write wonderful book reviews in their blogs. If you want reviews from the experts you can read reviews from the newspapers. 

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

Choose your convenient mode to read the reviews and note down the books which triggered your interest. Start with the one which tempted you the most. My personal suggestion is to start with any genre in fiction. Suppose if you start with interesting thriller novels the story itself makes you read.

Click these links of my suggestion to read the reviews



2.Snatch a slice from your day

 Regularity is one most important factor that converts activities into a habit. How can we read books daily without fail? We can do this in two ways. Read according to time or number of pages.

If you choose to go with the time, allocate a fixed time during a day or read in any of your free time with a particular duration. For example if you want to read for half an hour a day, you can fix a time like half an hour before sleep or once you wake up in the morning according to your convenience. Otherwise you can read for any half an hour in a day may be morning or evening. But the half an hour should be mandatory.

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

If you like to go with the number of pages select the minimum number of pages initially and keep increasing once you fit with the habit. Even if it is 5 pages don’t lose your heart that you are reading less but keep reading that 5 pages regularly. Your reading level will increase gradually.

Another interesting tip to keep your reading habit regular is to fix your reading time ahead of your favorite activity that you do daily. If you are a crazy fan of Netflix and watching it daily, set in your mind that after reading books only you can watch Netflix. Your interest in Netflix will make you read.

3.Hold on to your tracker

“Keep tracking your reading”.

Tracking your reading habit will be a great mentor and motivator. To track your performance you can go digital or by great antique methods. Choose a convenient method from the above list.

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

  • Note in your personal diary. If you have the habit of writing diary tracking through the diary will be a cakewalk for you.
  • Draw a chart in your room wall or your table. Differentiate with colors on the days you have done and not done.
  • Use mobile apps which will also offer extra features like book club, remainder, and review board. The remainder notifications from the apps will make you keep doing. You can download any one of the apps of my suggestion.

The apps of my suggestions are Goodreads, Scribd and Litsy.

4.Follow on social media

 We often inspire a few people in life and gradually in the meantime we will admire their tastes and likings. In what way shall we relate this to reading books? What if we start inspiring the writers of our favorite book? If you are an early reader surf through the web and sort out the famous writers of your favorite genre. 

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

Start following the pages of the particular author on social media. If you do so the intensive marketing strategy of the websites and attractive contents tempt you to read. You can also follow the leading publishing houses for interesting book synopsis.

5.Create a checklist

If you follow the above tips for nearly 3 months you will gain a decent knowledge about books and authors. Once if you come across a book ad or review, if it tempts you to read just note down. Use a specific notepad or document to create the checklist of the books you want to read. 

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

Fix the number of books you want to read in a year and divide it into months based on your convenience. With the help of the tracker achieve the goal. Keep on increasing the number of books every year. After creating reading books as a habit for two years, try to increase the books in your reading list from all various genres once you create the checklist. It will develop you as a wide reader.

6.Resume writing once you stop reading

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips


Another productive tip to keep yourself in sync with reading habit is writing book reviews. You can write book reviews in blogs, reading apps, and websites. If you feel that you are new to writing also then there is another idea. Write the reviews in your personal diary itself and share it with your known circles. Once you gain confidence start writing in blogs and websites. This activity of reviewing the books will also improve your writing skills. This book reviewing activity will be a bonus skill for your reading habit. Even you can find a great writer in you.

7.Visit the world of books

“Stay close to books”.

Even if you read ebook also this activity will make you more close to your reading habit. Visit libraries in your free time and just observe the books even if you don’t take it. Attend book launching and promotion events where the authors, illustrators, and celebrities will be present. You can find many book buddies when you visit all these places where you can have a healthy conversation with them and book recommendations. Sometimes you will find an interesting book lover in which their narration of the books itself will tempt you to read.

Cultivate the habit of reading books - 7 Easy tips

Read to explore

Reading is not just one habit. By reading a book may be fiction or nonfiction, through hard copy or kindle you not alone gain the essence of the story or the concepts written. Reading is the process of constructing an imaginary world. It sharpens your creativity and enhances your patience. Especially novels play a great role in improving your creativity and imaginative skills. More than a habit reading books is a way of discipline.

“A good book is a

healer of hearts,

mentor of minds,

and best buddy of souls.”

My best wishes for you to find many best buddies…

Leave your favorite book in the comment box to motivate many others.

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Anonymous May 29, 2020 - 11:39 am

great article

Anonymous May 29, 2020 - 12:47 pm

A thoughtful and interesting article. My favourite books would be Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series, Anthony Doerr’s All the light we cannot see and Paulo Coelho’s works. Cannot forget the Indian authors like Amish Tripathi Shiva trilogy, Aravindh Adiga’s white tiger, Ashwin Sanghi’s works.

Anonymous July 1, 2020 - 2:13 pm

Super ammul


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