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What is BS6 – Top 7 things you need to know about BS6

by Srikanth Madan
BS 6 engines

I was unable to sleep yesterday and thought why not know about something that has been bugging me for some months. So I started to watch some YouTube videos on “What is BS6 ?” to help me understand it better.


Bharat Stage Emission Standards is the emission standard that is being followed by the Government of India in order to regulate the various pollutants and particulate matter that is being emitted by an engine. The BS6 is the latest iteration of the Bharat Stage Emission Standards. This standard is much stricter, and restrictive norm that will aim to reduce the pollution levels drastically from BS4 standard. The standards will be set by the Central Pollution Control Board of India in reference to EURO 6 standards.

What is BS6

Here are answers to some of the questions about what is BS6 that may arise to you.


  1. Why the change from BS4 to BS6 and not BS5 ?


Emission Standard Introduced Year Reference
India 2000 2000 EURO 1
Bharat Stage II (BS2) 2005 EURO 2
Bharat Stage III (BS3) 2010 EURO 3
Bharat Stage IV (BS4) 2017 EURO 4
Bharat Stage V (BS5) Skipped EURO 5
Bharat Stage VI (BS6) 2020 EURO 6


The above table represents the emission norms introduced in India, and the year of introduction along with the reference emission standards used.

There was a delay in implementing BS4, so hence to fast track reducing pollution levels, the Indian government has decided to skip BS5 and introduce BS6. So BS6 will have drastic reduction of pollution standards, compared to BS4 because of the bS5 skip.


  1. How is BS6 different to BS4 ?

  • The BS6 emission norm will provide change in fuel. A BS6 engine will require a BS6 fuel. A BS6 engine running on BS4 fuel will not be able to reduce the pollutants as per the BS6 emission norms. The BS6 fuel will contain lesser amounts of sulphur content compared to BS4.
  • Catalytic reducer for reducing NOX pollution.
  • Particulate Filters for reducing particulate matter
  • The emission of the vehicle in real life and simulations will be measured.
  • Because of more strict norms, and addition of new components such as catalytic converters, the BS6 vehicles will have reduced performance.


  1. Can we use BS6 fuel for BS4 vehicles ?

Theoretically Yes, especially if the vehicle is petrol driven. But for diesel driven vehicles, sulphur content in the fuel acts as lubricator for fuel injectors. But as the BS6 fuel contains very less amount of sulphur compared to BS4 fuel, this will lead to wear and tear in the longer run. In fact we need more details from manufacturers regarding compatibility of BS6 fuel in BS4 diesel vehicles.


  1. Will there be an increase in BS6 fuel price ?

BS6 fuel has been introduced in the national capital, and there has been no big differences in the fuel price. But once the standards are implemented nationwide, there might be an increase in fuel price so as meet the processing costs. At the refineries, some upgrades need to be made. So those costs might reflect on the end user oil price.


  1. What is AdBlue and why is it used ?

What is BS6-Adblue



AdBlue is a Diesel Exhaust fluid used in BS6 diesel engines. It is a mixture of Urea and Deionised water. This mixture will be stored in a separate tank. When the engine is running, this AdBlue is squirted in tiny amounts on the exhaust gas. This AdBlue reacts with the NOX particles in the exhaust, turning it into nitrogen and water.


  1. What should I do in case I filled diesel in the AdBlue tank ?

In the case that you accidently filled diesel in the AdBlue tank, do not start the vehicle. You need to drain the tank. In case you start the vehicle, there are chances of damage to catalytic reducer and the AdBlue injector system.


  1. What should I do in case I filled AdBlue in the diesel tank ?

In this case also you have to drain the fuel tank before starting your vehicle, or you may risk damaging the fuel injector system and/or damaging your engine as well.

These are all the things that I searched about what is BS6. In case you have more details, please write it up in our comments section as well, so that we all can get to know more about What is BS6.

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