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Deceased Loved Ones – Top 4 signs deceased loved ones are nearby and 4 best ways of communicating with them

by Srikanth Madan
deceased loved ones

Over the past few days, I had dreams of a very specific person who had died some 3 years back, someone close to me.  I just thought could it mean something? Because Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but when it happens more than that, it is something. So I did some research on why I have those recurring dreams about this deceased person.


Dreams about deceased loved ones for once maybe an accident, but it could mean that maybe he or she might be around you and looking after you.

When I looked about it, I came across these 4 signs that could surely mean your deceased loved ones are very much nearby you and it is just that you cannot see them anymore. Let us look about these signs in detail.

deceased loved ones

  1. Dreams about Deceased Loved Ones

deceased loved ones

As I had explained, my foremost reason to take up this topic is because of those recurring dreams. So yeah, If you have constant dreams about your dead close friends, It could be a clear sign of them saying, “Hey there, Don’t worry that I am gone, I will always be with you”.

The dreams don’t necessarily have to occur immediately after the death of a close one, meaning that a dead person’s spirit can visit you even after their death or 20 years after their death.

If a dead close associate wants to convey something to you, they will communicate it to you through your dream. That means if you have recurring dreams about that person, it means they want to convey something to you, and that the communication has not reached you yet, in which case you need to communicate with them.


  1. Thinking about your Deceased Loved ones

Maybe your loved one died 5 or 6 years ago, but suddenly you start to think about them a lot recently. There may be times when you think about them a lot, so much so that, you are not able to sleep. This is another good classical sign that your deceased loved ones are nearby.

In the case that you have suddenly started to think about a deceased close one a lot, and there is one memory which you constantly get reminded of, then your closed one is making you remember those memories for some reason. These thoughts will never go until you find the reason of why that person wants you to remember it.

  1. Animals

Do you have pets, and are they behaving strangely? Is your dog wagging its tail at empty space? If your dogs bark incessantly at empty space, it could mean the presence of a spirit nearby.

But on the other hand, If your dog is wagging its tail, it could mean he is seeing his dead mommy or dead daddy around. So yeah, look after your pet’s reactions. Also it is important to look what kind of reaction it is.

They can sense spirits and it could be a sign of your deceased loved ones.

  1. Movement of physical objects.

This sign is a perfect sign of a deceased spirit being nearby.

Are you living alone after you faced the death of your partner?

Do you see the most common objects like flower vases moved from their usual space?

Or Does the photos of your dead partner falls down from its place?

This is the sign that they are nearby and that they wish to communicate with you.

This leads to the question,

How can I communicate with them?

This part answers this question to a simple extent where you could easily try it.

  1. Asking for a response

This is a simple method to communicate with your deceased loved one. This method involves simple communication, asking the spirit nearby to respond to your ‘yes or no’ questions in a way you can understand it.

Like asking them to knock on the table once for NO and twice for YES. It is the way by which you can also accept that he or she is nearby and that they never left you.


  1. Through EVPs

EVP is the abbreviation for Electronic Voice Phenomenon. It is a wonderful way of communicating with your dead loved one. With this way you can listen to what they want to communicate with you. This method involves recording your loved one’s communication using a highly sensitized recorder which can record even lower frequencies than what a normal recorder can record.

In this method, you ask the spirit a question and then allow them to speak to you. The communication between you and your deceased loved ones will be recorded in the sound recorder which you need to analyze to know what they try to convey.

In most cases, you might not hear from them when you ask a question, but when you analyze the recordings, you may hear them.

To know more about EVPs, click here.

  1. Through Mediums.

You can also communicate with your deceased loved ones through a medium. A medium is someone sensitive to spirits. The spirit of your loved one will descend into the body of the medium and use his/her body to convey their desires.


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Anonymous June 13, 2020 - 1:15 pm

Nice one. After a long time, it remembered me of some unusual conversations which I had with my friends about life and death.
Felt nostalgic…:)


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