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What is Personality? – | fascinating psychological facts about personality |

by Hari Priya
Fascinating facts about personality

Before stepping into psychological facts about personality. I want to ask you, how do you define the term personality?

Most of our answers would be personality refers to ones’ attitude, gestures, dressing style, and outlook. But it’s something more than ones’ outward attributes.

Personality is more about mental well-being and social behavior. It’s all about persons’ way of thinking, how they react to a certain situation, perception, feeling and behavior.


Fascinating facts about personality

Not every person we meet are the same in their character, behavior, thoughts, etc.,

So what influences one’s personality?

The main factors influencing personality are

  • Hereditary
  • Surrounding and
  • Childhood

Hereditary :

As we all know, Hereditary is the inheritance of genes from parents to offspring.
We might have received this compliment, you resemble your father or mother.

Likewise, we inherit certain skills and characters from our forefathers. The genetic background has a strong influence on one’s personality.


There is a saying,

“Show your friend, I will tell you what you are”

No better lines needed than to explain how surroundings influence your personality. You are what you are surrounded by. Your personality is nurtured by whom you are hanging out with. So always be conscious about who you are with, they may push you forward or drag you down.

Childhood :

Childhood shapes your personality.” Growth and yield of a plant depend upon the quality of a soil”. Likewise, your childhood determines your personality in adulthood.

If the child experiences more bitter situations like bullying and abuses, they give in to the fear of uncertainty; Rising inferiority complex in them; Increased depression, anxiety and lacking self-confidence even when they are grown up.

Losing closed ones like siblings or grandparents in childhood cause adverse effects. The prolonged grief remains in their memory forever. These children give into emotions easily and more sensitive and that’s because of their childhood trauma.

As we are discussing childhood influences personality. Did you know that even our birth order can induce your personality?

Psychological facts about personality based on birth order.


Researches say that firstborn has a high IQ level. Firstborns are well organized and responsible. It all starts with their parents giving them the responsibility in taking care of younger siblings when they born. This also makes them natural leaders.

Firstborn seeks more attention, as they are the ones who had their parents love fully before their sibling arrives. It may be the fear of dethronement, which makes them more as attention seekers.
Researches tell that high professionals are maximum firstborn.

Middle born:

As they have an older and younger sibling, the middle has to compete for attention which makes them good negotiators and makes compromises. They learn from elders and still mentor for younger, so they get into both the experiences. This makes them more sociable than their siblings. As they are sandwiched between younger and elder they thrive for the attention of parents.

Last born :

The last born is independent and disorganized as parents tend to more lenient with younger. They are charming, funloving and peoples person,
As younger ones grabs everyone’s attention and adored by all family members, they used to be in that spotlight. This naturally makes them into that state of mind. The last born is more creative and trouble makers.

Single child :

As there are no siblings to compete with, the single child holds the entire attention, love, and care of their parents. This tends to acquire a strong relationship with their parents than the child having siblings. We often heard ‘only child’ are spoiled brats but the fact is the extra attention they receive from parents makes them more positive and successful. They love to catch up with friends and treat their friends as brothers and sisters. They are comfortable in being alone than a child who has siblings.

Though these Psychological facts about personality by birth order traits are proven facts by research, it may differ in cases. Parenting plays a major role in determining these birth order traits in children. Good parenting always makes an extraordinary child.

Parenting is not teaching the right way of life but inspiring through their way of living.

Psychological facts about personality :

Lets scrutinize psychological facts about the personality of extroverts, introverts and ambiverts who are the most common personalities.

Extroversion and introversion became more debating topic these days. Let’s explore some fascinating facts about them.

Psychological fact about extroverts:

Do you always prefer to be with people around you? Cracking jokes, feeling free to express your views to others, keeps your associates always cheerful then much to the possibilities you ought to be extrovert.

Yes, extroverts enjoy being in groups. They make friends easily and don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with strangers too. People with this personality loves to make new friends, explore new things and places.

They are talkative and want to be in the center of attraction. They are open to their ideas and thoughts. More comfortable with teamwork. Enthusiastic and makes their presence cheerful. People get more attracted to this kind of personality and crave to spend time with them. Usually, they gain energy through their interactions with others.

fascinating facts about personality


Every coin has another side. Likewise, extroverts always look for inspiration outside. Rather than facing their issues and struggles, they need someone to discuss and clarify them. They hate being alone and can’t handle themselves alone even for some time. They feel neglected when they are supposed to be alone.


Psychological facts about introverts:

Introverts are opposite poles of extroverts. They are quiet and reserved. They prefer to write their thoughts rather than sharing with someone.

fascinating facts about personality
Introverts prefer to spend time alone being self-aware its their way of gaining energy while extroverts are recharged by communicating with others. Introverts feel too much of people around them as toxic to their energy field.

They enjoy their own company and create their world. A more creative, thoughtful and good observer, straight to the point rather than beating a bush around. Introverts are misunderstood as shy, rude and unfriendly. Being quiet is different from shyness.

Introverts don’t open up easily, won’t prefer chit chats and initiate conversation. This projects them as unfriendly. They pickup the choices wisely. They do have a small handful of friends with whom they have all fun.

fascinating facts about personality

Psychological facts about Ambiverts :

Above we shared psychological facts about introverts and extroverts.
Which personality you are, extrovert or introvert?

Some of us couldn’t get much clarity about this. You may fit into both categories. Isn’t it?
While extroverts and introverts are extreme ends were ambiverts are falls between those extremes ends. They may fall anywhere between those spectrums of extroverts and introvert.


fascinating facts about personality


Some may exhibit high extroversion and low introversion, they are extroverted introverts.
If they possess high introversion and low extroversion, they are introverted extroverts.
In common they are called ambiverts.

Ambiverts are flexible,
they adjust according to situations. They are unpredictable, at times they may be hyperactive or just remain passive. They act accordingly to their moods. Ambiverts are the most common personalities, two thirds of people are ambiverts.

fascinating facts about personality

No personality type is better than others, everyone is different and unique.

Understanding our personality makes us know more about ourselves. Its gives better acknowledging about our strength and weakness, where you have to improve yourselves. Sometimes understanding our personality helps in deciding our career too. It helps to understand others better and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Hope this article on psychological facts about personality and thrives you to know more about your personality.

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