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10 Ways for beating your depression

by Sanjeev

How depression affects us :

In this century of communication, we have all means and ways to stay connected with each other but still people feel depressed about something or the other which they have to deal with daily. Depression is becoming a common problem of this millennium. Even though we think we have people around us to help we still feel very lonely somewhere deep inside.

How much ever we express ourselves to the people around us nobody is going to understand who we really are as a person more than ourselves. This is a void that nobody can ever fill. It feels like there is always a vacuum ,kind of blank space within each of us no matter how happy we are showing ourselves to be the outside world. Every time people deal with difficulties in life they are being felt left alone. Though we may seek help from people around us nobody is completely in a position to help us get out of the void as they have their own voids to deal with.

Today trusting people also has become a major problem. Most people just give fake promises only to act differently later. Either we should trust someone completely or not trust at all, anything in the middle is going to hurt us later.All the uncertain feelings we get when we think about whether or not to trust people creates trust issues leading to making the void bigger and bigger. Once we reach a point of Nothingness there is no turning back.

Once we stop trusting people we start hating them, we start distancing ourselves from them. The reality of depression strikes us when you end up with a mindset thinking there is no one to support us and to help us out of the situation.It becomes so dark and gloomy out there that we don’t feel worthy of ourselves anymore.

Depression leads us to start completely switching off from the outside world. We stop being happy and content with life. All you feel like during a period of depression is a storm of sadness and sorrow in your heart. Just like it rains when there is a depression at the sea, a person who is in depression must try and cry it out. People say crying is cowardly and it breaks you down but crying actually makes you feel better.

So here are some wonderful ways to beat depression and get out of it.

Concoct Positivity :

As a first step to get out of depression people must start by having positive thoughts and create happiness out of little things in life. We think depression hits people only when they feel lonely, sad, and look at everything negatively. But the truth is anyone can become depressed. Depression hits all kinds of people from teenagers to aged people, from people having a family or an unmarried person.

Truth is, nobody can ever find out exactly what someone’s state of mind is just by looking from the outside. So it is always better to check on ourselves and hit that positive note every time. Being in a positive frame of mind keeps you in a good space and lets you do what you like and be yourself at all times.

Realize your importance:


To come outside of depression people must break out of the thought that they are unimportant and they are not being valued for who they are. Always expecting others to be the judge of your personality only hurts. People must stop believing that only what others say about them is real and they are going to be rejected or ignored if they act differently from other’s expectations. They have to realize that they can live their life however they want and they are the most important person in their own lives. They have to be confident about being themselves no matter what other’s judgments are about them.

Being your true self is a great way to get yourself out of depression. For that to happen you need to completely accept the fact that you “To err is human” and that everyone has their own flaws. The real fact is nobody in this world is perfect. You need to understand everyone is unique and unlike anyone else, So become your own judge, do a lot of mistakes and learn from it.

Write your thoughts down :

Writing your thoughts on a piece of paper can go a long way in helping people out of depression. Your notebook can become your best friend when you think you don’t have anyone else who understands you. Writing lets you express yourself without fear of being judged. You can easily put things into perspective and articulate how you feel about your current situation in life when you write.

Writing is the only way you can express by telling no one but yourself. When you write everything down you get an idea of your exact state of mind. At the same time putting everything on the paper also makes you realize and get a list of all the things that are bothering you.

This way of looking at things lets you put your problems in front of you and find solutions accordingly. So this will surely help you to deal with the problems in a wiser way. Sometimes writing is the best way you can connect with yourself. Every time you write you are expressing your true self. Writing not only gets you out of depression but can indeed lead to life-changing experiences.

Connect with nature:

Nature is wonderful, it never fails to amaze us. A person in depression can come out of depression just through connecting with nature. Nature helps us realize how beautiful the world is and how change is the only constant in the process of life. Often people fail to sink in with the fact that we are just part of creation. So it is advisable for every person who is in a state of depression to start connecting with nature and synergistically realize the beauty of life and start understanding that everything is just a part of the process and it’s important to go with the flow.

A depressed person may fail to realise all this but once he reaches out to nature he begins to understand the fact that it is nature which brought us into this world and it is nature which is going to take us out of this world and whatever we are going through is part of the process and everything is going to happen the way it is meant to be.

Face your fears:

Fear that grows inside us often slowly makes us sadder and sadder and doesn’t let you come out of depression in the long term. Many times fear is what makes you feel different and hostile. The problems you face can be sorted out but you still have to face your fears every time and deal with it before it does some permanent damage to your way of thinking and acting. People in depression are always advised to distract themselves by doing what they like. They are advised to do things that keep them busy. But one has to understand that the best way to deal with depression is by facing your fears.

Addressing your problems by yourself and being in terms with what exactly you are going through with an open mind can go a long way even in helping you not getting into a mode of depression. Sometimes it may even be a simple process of standing in front of the mirror meeting with yourself eye to eye and communicating with yourself.

Facing your fears is the best way you can get a permanent solution for depression. Once you realize and come out of the fear of being yourself  feeling more and more comfortable you start finding solutions rather drowning yourself into your own problems

Spend time with friends and family :

Even though people may not understand your state of depression you must invest time with your loved ones and the people who really care for you.when you are with your close friends and your family you start to realize that you do have important people in your life and people are giving importance to you in their lives.Just the feeling you are playing a part and making a difference by being a part of someone’s life can go a long way in beating depression.

This realization that you are being loved and you are being taken care of gives you much-needed warmth and affection. At the same time, you need to understand is in the state of depression can affect people around you negatively and thus put an effort to get out of it quickly.

So the next time with your friends and family just express whatever you feel and speak from the heart. Even if you don’t seek any help just expressing yourself to others will definitely make you feel better. You will see people do care. That is why we feel so much better when someone encourages us which makes us feel more confident afterward.

But the only thing you have to do is not putting yourself behind any filters and expressing and not feeling that they won’t understand.If you spoke everything out of the heart to people who care for you nothing stays inside to trouble you and you can just be honest with them all the time. So always be open to your loved ones about how you feel, even just a brief pat on the back will help us feel a lot better.

Do things that motivate you:

Doing things that motivate you and giving that little push whenever you feel depressed can leave you in a better state of mind. Whatever your problem in life is, you always need some motivation to keep you going .your will power to go that extra mile and performing that extra step always matters not only in achieving something in life but even for just being happy and feeling alive. So to get out of depression you just have to do things that motivate you. You need to realize that you can get motivated and feel like you are an amazing person.

Feeling good about yourself is a kind of self-motivation to get you out of depression. So hit the gym, hear to some motivational speeches from proficient speakers, watch feel-good movies, or whatever keeps you motivated. Doing something that motivates you every day can make you feel purposeful and find yourself. Also it helps you have clarity of thoughts that will get you out of depression.

Nurture the inner child:

People don’t realize that we all are kids in some way, no matter how much we grow up we must always have that joyous, crazy, and playful child inside us. Feeling that as an adult we have to be more constricted and rigid is what leads to having serious thoughts about everything which is otherwise called depression.

One of the main reasons for depression in adults is that they think they must act very responsibly and have to do everything in a manner that shows themselves as grown-up people. But if you really want to be happy you just have to let out the kid inside .you need to start being more funnier, crazier, and sometimes act stupidly to create little moments joy that will keep you going no matter what.

Never lose the child inside you because once it is lost you lose interest in life. Kids are the best examples of how to live in the moment they always like to play without any worries and just have some fun and thus keep doing what makes them happy. So it is important that you just bring back the kid inside you in the process of beating depression. There is not much meaning to life without having that childish and enjoyable side to your personality.

Get spiritually enhanced:

Depression is not a permanent thing, depression most of the time can be very temporary and just a few seconds of positive thought can totally change you. For a person to not feel depressed often, they can do it by connecting with the soul, connecting with the body, and connecting with the outside world in a spiritual way .

They must start understanding the different elements that make them. They need to connect with a higher dimension and look at everything from a more philosophical standpoint which can bring calmness, serenity, and stillness into their lives.

Once you reach that stage you will stop reacting to external stimuli and you will just connect with the greater consciousness. So when you start being spiritual you start realizing how everything is connected and that you are not alone and everything that happens to you in your life or in other’s life is a part of a bigger plan. Understanding that they are just being the tiniest part of everything and all the roles you play in this world is all connected and happening for a reason can easily get you out of depression.


People in depression are sometimes too much worried, too much lost they don’t understand there is a beautiful world out there to see. Traveling is an extraordinary way to get out of depression. It gives you the energy, the motive, the freedom to live and breathe in the fresh lease of life into you. Traveling gives you a perspective about life in many ways and makes you feel better.

Everything you come across while traveling gives you deep insight to deal with your own problem.   It is always a great thing to travel when you are in depression, it may not be a long trip to a faraway place but just getting on your bike or car and driving to a known place close by helps a long way in getting out of depression.

Depression needs to addressed :

Often people become very introverted and cocoon themselves and hide their real feelings from everyone. Many times the depressed people are the ones who tend to show themselves as happy individuals outside. They try to hide everything inside and smile outside just to make sure that everyone believes they’re totally fine. They find different ways to distract themselves and find ways to disconnect from the realistic scheme of things.People indeed try all kinds of things to beat depression. In order to feel less anxious about the situation, people involve themselves in all kinds of activities with a view of making themselves happy.

What they don’t really understand is that if they really want to get out of depression the first thing they need to do is find peace with themselves. They have to find calmness and composure with everything around them. They have to feel connected with everything and seek self-improvement. They need to start feeling more worthy and valuable. They must start feeling less anxious about everything and deal with things in a much better way. It is always good to seek some advice and help.

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