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Are you an Adventure Enthusiast? Here’s everything you must know about a swashbuckling adventure travel

by Raghav

“The adventure begins at the end of the road you know”

Imagine narrow roads, mountain cliffs, serene atmosphere, clouds kissing our heads, silent rivers and forbidden jungle.

So where does this imagination take you?

Yes, Definitely it would take you back to an adventurous travel that you would have gone to at some point in your life.

So when I think about Coorg the same memories linger in my mind.

So just detach yourself from this buzzing world for a while, connect yourself with nature and get ready to lose yourself down the memory lane.

Here are some interesting facts about adventure travel along with top 10 adventurous places to visit within India  that will take you on a rollercoaster ride. 

All about adventure travel

“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost” – Erol Ozan


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to adventure that we can have only when we seek them with open eyes” 

                                                                                                          –  Jawaharlal Nehru


These two famous quotes are perfect examples for knowing that the world is a place that is totally filled with adventure and that we should be ready to explore them to find out and fulfil our life’s true meaning and purpose.

So now the question is,

What is adventure? Or What is an adventure travel?

Adventure is basically as you may say a life-changing experience a person goes through when he is ready to take risk and travels in a road or say a path that is less discovered or less travelled.

You may think for a second that how will a person take up something risky. Not only in adventure travel, for everything there is a certain amount of risk involved.

Many people see the risk that is involved in doing something thereby getting scared and losing an opportunity to become better in life.

Whereas only a few people see them as a blessing in disguise and take up the risk. Same in the case of adventure travel.

Take up the adventure travel and come out as a changed man.

Not only does adventure give a life-changing experience, but taking up adventurous activities also has so many health benefits.

Now a question may arise in your mind,

What Health benefits does taking up an adventurous travel or activity give you?

Yes absolutely it does give so many health benefits. Here are some health benefits of adventure travel just for you.

  • First of all, it improves your physic ( physical strength)
  • You know what it gives you a bigger brain like Albert Einstein.
  • It feeds on your dreams like amoeba and increases your confidence.
  • Reduces your anger and increases your tolerance level.
  • Fosters reflectiveness which is a very important mental skill.
  • It will also make you a superhero (helping in saving the world).

Now from the final health benefit you may think, 

How does adventure travel make a person a superhero? It sounds crazy.

Yeah it actually does because of the increase in global warming. Global warming is leading to an increase in climatic changes.

So if global warming has to reduce then guess what, adventure travellers have to come forward to provide their environmental efforts and adventure skills which will help to stop global warming from making survival on earth very difficult.

So yes adventure travel makes you a superhero thereby saving the world.

So I hope now you would have come to know what adventure travel is all about, who knows maybe after hearing all this you are now so enthusiastic that you have packed all your stuff and geared up to go on your swashbuckling adventurous travel.

I really like your enthusiasm, just stick to it. But before leaving, hang on a second.

You are missing a very important question and a decision to make. Have you guessed it? Here it is,

What is going to be your adventurous place for travel and what adventurous activities await you there?

Don’t worry I am here to help you with this. After researching on a website about adventurous places to travel I came to know that there are so many mind-blowing adventurous places to visit that too within India.

Now you may ask what adventurous places within India, that’s impossible.

Of Course it’s possible because this is Incredible India

So here’s the top 10 adventurous places to visit within India which will take you on a rollercoaster ride.

Top 10 Adventurous places to explore within India

10.Indulge in the adventures of caving in Meghalaya:


Meghalaya, a state located in the northeast of India is a hilly state.

The word Meghalaya means home of clouds in Sanskrit.

There are so many caves which are present in both Khasi hills, Jaintia hills and Garo hills of Meghalaya.

So ultimately caving becomes the best adventurous activity that you can take up in Meghalaya.

Krem Mawmluh, Krem Dam, Krem Lymput, Mawsmai Cave and Krem Mawjymbuin are the famous caves that are present in the Khasi hills.

Krem Liat Prah, Krem Lubon,  Krem Chympe, Krem Umkse, Krem Mawshun, Krem Syndai also known as Krem Jogindra, Krem Umthloo, Krem Iawe are the caves that are found in the Jaintia hills.

Tetengkol Balwakol, Siju Cave, Dangedikol Chiningkrikol and Korekol are the caves found in Garo hills.

Out of all these caves, the krem liat prah in jaintia hills is the longest natural cave in India

9.Hot air Balloon of Jaipur:


Are you a person who loves to fly? Jaipur is the perfect place for you.

Known as the pink city, Jaipur is also famous for its hot air balloon rides that it offers for its tourists.

This hot air balloon ride will be so much fun that you can see the entire city view from the top.

The view of the city will be so mesmerising and soothing for the eyes.

Best time to go on this adventure in the pick city of Rajasthan is between November to June.

8.White water river rafting in Kullu:

Known to be one of the famous adventure activities is the white water river rafting.

Kullu Manali a famous hill station located in Himachal Pradesh is well known for snowy mountains, skiing, backpacking, trekking and even paragliding.

Amongst all these adventure activities in Kullu Manali, white water river rafting along the river beas is also well known and a very famous adventure activity for travellers and adventure lovers.

You will be really enjoying the lashing water of the beas river when you are rafting in Kullu valley.

Many rafting expeditions also take place here.

If you go for Kullu Manali never ever forget to go for white water river rafting in beas river.

The ideal month to visit this place for adventure is from january to may or from october to December

7. Skydiving adventure of Mysore:

An adventurous activity that gives goosebumps when heard out its name is none other than skydiving.

A place located in the south of India is actually famous for this skydiving adventure.

Have you guessed the name of the place. 

It’s a very famous city of south india – Mysore.

Everyone loves to travel to mysore for masala dosa, The mysore Palace, mysore rasam and also for mysore bonda.

But very few know that the city also has this adventurous activity : skydiving.

The height from which the fall is made is approximately 6000 to 10000 feet. Sounds really scary right. But it sounds so interesting and tempting for all adventure lovers and adventure seekers.

So now since you have come to know about this pack you bag and get ready to take up the adventure that awaits in mysore

6.Cycling in Munnar:

Situated in the western ghats, Munnar is a well-known tourist attraction famous for its lush forests, cardamom estates.

This place is also famous for its tea gardens and for the Periyar Tiger reserve.

Go on a beautiful cycling trail starting at hill top of Munnar, through the cardamom and pepper plantation, getting the breathtaking view of the Anaerangal Lake and finally reaching the destination the periyar tiger reserve.

Apart from this the cycling trail is also programmed for showing you the beautiful countryside, tea gardens, indigenous tribes and also the tea workers who operate in the tea gardens.

So do add this exotic place on your adventure travel list.

5.Gondola ride in gulmarg:

A  beautiful town located in jammu and kashmir is gulmarg.

This town is basically a hill station and this place is so famous for skiing.

This place is located in the panjal range of western himalayas

At the same time this place has the second largest and the second highest cable car in the world.

The ferries take about 600 people an hour.These cable cars can take people up to an approximate height 13500 feet. Crazy right.

This place is also a famous shooting spot for many bollywood films.

Himalayas, skiing, dal lake, dachigam national park and famous gulmarg gondola cable ride makes gulmarg a famous place for adventure enthusiasts.

4.Scuba diving in malvan:

This place is located in the southernmost part of maharashtra.

The place is very famous for the historical sindhudurg fort.

If you are very much interested in swimming underneath the sea and want to explore the different sea creatures that are present then Malvan is the place for you.

Malvan scuba diving is so famous and it also offers a very beautiful and vibrant underwater view.

Not only this it also shows a clear view of the tsunami island of tarkarli.

The Malvan scuba diving season starts from early September and goes on till may.

Never miss such a wonderful opportunity to get yourself indulged in viewing the fascinating creatures living underwater.

3.Surfing in miami of india:

So you must be wondering,

Where does Miami come in India?

Just guess a second for a place as famous as Miami situated in India.

Have you got the answer, yes absolutely it is Goa.

Not only adventure lovers, everyone wants to travel to goa.

So famous for its beaches, resorts, snacks and seafood and so many more.

Goa is also well for surfing amongst all adventure enthusiasts. Who doesn’t love surfing.

It’s one of the most refreshing and thrilling adventure activities to take up.

Goa is the ideal place topping the list for surfing in india.

Whenever you get free time or holiday’s gear up on an adventurous tour to goa and also don’t forget to go on a surf there.

2.Camping in the beautiful coorg:

A breathtaking place located in western ghats and in the state of karnataka is coorg.

This is an actual heaven on earth. Covered by dense forests, coffee plantations, serene atmosphere and most important of all surrounded by kaveri river coorg is a sweet spot for all adventure seekers.

Coorg offers a wide range of adventurous activities.

Camping, nature walk, cycling, boating, bird watching, night walk and jungle safari.

This is a place where you will be so close to nature and you will forget everything else.

Many popular resorts are situated in coorg.

All those who go to coorg will come back as a coffee lover as it provides one of the finest, richest and best coffee you can ever taste in your life.

Ensure that you visit this amazing adventure filled heaven. Once you go there it will make you totally attached to that place that you will never feel like leaving.

1.Dudhsagar trek in goa:

Finally the top most place of adventure within India, it’s yet again goa but this time it’s not surfing.

An adventurous activity that involves lots of patience and hardwork is trekking.

The dudhsagar trek in goa is so famous amongst adventure enthusiasts.

This trek is almost 12kms long starting from the place kulem to the base of the falls and then again returning back to kulem.

The best time to visit dudhsagar falls is from the month of october to june.

Seeing the pleasant dudhsagar falls, going on a trek to the base of the falls, getting a magnificent scenic view. What more can one want for an superb adventure experience.

So never miss on an adventurous trek to one of India’s most famous waterfalls – Dudhsagar.

From this article we come to know all about adventure travel, the benefits that we can get from an adventure.

Along with this we also come to know about the top 10 adventurous places to visit within India.

So I hope you are ready to take up adventure travel and explore the unexplored.

So was this article on adventure travel useful for you?

If you have any suggestions or views please share it in the comment.



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