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Ajeeth Kumar – Journey of a Graduate Engineer to a Digital Marketer

by Ajeeth Kumar

With just INR 50k, how the Kumbakonam-based Entrepreneur built a Digital Marketing Agency. (Dec 2025)

Ajeeth Kumar

A man from the temple city in Tamilnadu named Ajeeth Kumar started a career in digital marketing by joining Digital Deepak’s Internship Program – Batch 5 in August 2020. He learnt from the best digital marketer in India. His Mentor’s name is “Deepak Kanakaraju” popularly known as Digital Deepak.

With his guidance, he changed his life from 1.0 to 2.0. After completing the 16-week internship program, with an immense knowledge gained from his mentor, he started his career as a digital marketing executive.

He then made himself a minimalist who focuses on giving rather than getting. The internship program bombarded his attitude of staying in the comfort zone.  From which, he gave birth to his very own digital empire. He also becomes one of the most influential people in the digital world. With his skill and passion, he enlightened his students to taste the “success-fruit” in their life.

Engineer to a Digital Marketer Ajeeth Kumar

He Completed B.E Mechanical Engineering. He joined as an apprentice trainee and worked for a year.

But he didn’t feel the career there as there was no learning part. And also extra shifts which made him work for 16hour a day, monotonously made him take a firm decision of quitting the job.

With the lesson, he then started following the philosophy,

“Don’t go with you have. Chase what you like.”

Even from his college day, he is an internet guy in his group. So he explored career opportunities in the digital field and started learning the basics of digital marketing on his own. Then he joined the internship, and the rest is history.

His wish to Fly.

Apart from this, he always likes to travel the world with his friends. He travelled to over 20 countries for both professional and personal reasons.

He always remembers his first flight. He travelled to California to deliver a speech in a “Worldwide Digital Master’s Conference” where he sat beside “Neil Patel” last year.

Yes, his first flight was just a year ago. But as he is a man with determination, he travelled to over 20 countries in just over a year.

His Ambition

When we asked the question,

“What is your ambition in life?”

He answered that “Empowering lives ” is his ambition, and he also has a goal of helping 1 lakh families either for their food, education or shelter.

He felt that, because of his act of giving, he wants to become an example to the people to create a mindset of giving rather than getting. He also quotes his mentor’s name after saying this, as this is the important lesson that he learnt from his mentor.

He wishes to be remembered even after his death for his act of charity.

With this, the interview ends.



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