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Drawing: 10 most reliable tips that are a guide to your drawing days

by Dhushyanth

“We know that we all can draw. The matter is how you draw it.”

We all can draw some of you also can draw it in the right way.

Some of you may not draw it in the right way, until now but after reading this article you may
not become perfect you may get a little bit better and that’s all matters.

My drawings were bad when I was young. People also laughed at me for it. Eventually, I
got better learning from the mistakes. I also researched for extra tips. Remember past is past and
there’s nothing that you can’t improve. I divided the thing that I learnt from my mistakes and
some extra tips into 4 subheadings which we all can relate to.

We all have a style; we should not change it instead improve it.

We all have a style, tell me that if you don’t like it or want to change it? Don’t change, I will tell
you why.
As in the heading we all have different some of you have a style which involves realistic
drawing. Some of you may like to give your characters more appeal and a cartoony look. Your
styles define you and reflects yourself.

So don’t change it because by changing it, it means your
changing yourself and wanting to become a new person. By improving it you just get better as
yourself. You should be you.

Tips to avoid mistakes or flaws while drawing.

We know that we all make mistakes; you can’t stop doing it but you can avoid it.

Tips to avoid mistakes are. You should first draw it roughly. Doing this might kind of feel like a
time waste but you draw after practicing like this you feel confident.

You should also use a lighter HB (symbol use to denote pencil’s darkness). You can also try drawing using less force
while drawing.

Steps that you should not take while drawing

Step 1: You should avoid using erasers, because your page will become shabby and your pages
may also tare if you use erasers too much.

Step 2: you should not draw directly with a pen or sketch. If your confident you will not make
any mistakes and you can draw with a sketch do it but don’t put a lot force while drawing.

Step 3: you should not drink water or eat something while drawing, because it may spill and ruin
your drawing.

How to finish our drawing and make it look professional?

After completing your drawing you should outline it using black pen or a sketch. After outlining
you should erase the pencil smudges. You should be very careful while outlining it and coloring.
Concentrate and draw and have fun drawing.


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Dharshini September 8, 2020 - 1:05 pm

It’s really admirable how this young and budding author always learns from his mistakes and improves himself ..great workwell done!!

Suruthi R September 8, 2020 - 4:30 pm

Great Dhushyanth! Your tips will be really helpful for up comers…. Observation is very important in all activities which helps to find and correct mistakes. You are awesome!!!

Aravind September 9, 2020 - 6:45 am

Good one bud.Keep it up


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