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How to draw an amazing human face in 5 minutes

by Krudaarthan

Do you want to become an “artist”?

With simple steps, you can become an “artist”.Take a Paper & sharp your pencil. Don’t use the lead pencil

 Step 1:

First, draw a “+” (plus) symbol – what is the use of this symbol, let’s see.

There are different types of faces. Some of them are narrow, wide, round and so on,…

According to this, we should align the symbol to draw the required face. This “+” symbol helps to draw the outline of the face. Eg:

Step 2:

          Face is the index of the Mind.

Here, Eyes plays an important role in a face, which shows the feeling of the mind. Such as Sad, Happy, Angry & etc…

For the Nose, we draw a circle for the beginners.

Step 3:

For mouth, draw a single wave, without joining at the ends.

Finally, how to draw ears, let’s see.

You have to draw a question mark, without joint.

With these easy steps, we come to know, how to draw a human face clearly.  I hope, you all now became an “artist”


Thanks for your reading this article, and develop my writing.

Next, I catch you all in my  training “how to draw a human body”



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Dharshini September 8, 2020 - 12:20 pm

It is indeed one of the easiest ways to draw the face… really helpful


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