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Famous writers – 5 MBAs and their passionate journeys

by Dhivya Manick
famous writers

famous writers


The journey through the path of our passion often leads to the destination of self-satisfied success. Let us traverse through the passionate journeys of 5 Indian MBAs to famous writers. The background we come from, the qualifications we hold nor the profession we do doesn’t decide our success. It is our fierce passion that drives us towards greater heights. Started with a fierce journey of passing MBA from top management institute, fetching a corporate job with a bulk package, and an ambitious vision of becoming a CFO or CEO, here are the five Indian famous writers who diverted their routes from ambition to passion.



If you are a fiction fanatic and mainly mythology then Amish Tripathi needs no introduction. The banker come best-selling author Amish Tripathi is an alumnus of IIM-C. He spent his 14 years of career in the financial services industry by working in companies such as Standard Chartered, DBS Bank and IDBI Federal Life Insurance. The seeds of his interest in mythology were sown by his grandfather during dining conversations. Amish’s intense interest in exploring and rediscovering the facts of mythology made him quit his corporate career.

“It’s a fallacy to think that a good book sells itself”

                                                                   -Amish Tripathi


When Amish knocked the doors of publishers for his first book “ The immortals of Meluha”, he was knocked by more than 20 publishers. His passion for mythology tempted his marketing mind.It was the first time in Indian history a book is promoted with the theatrical trailer. Being a strong believer of varied Indian culture and heritage Amish says that criticisms are the ones that help to learn about yourselves. Amish’s peculiar marketing strategies along with his brilliancy in mythology made him the fastest-selling author in India. “Suheldev” launched by Amish recently also grabbed tremendous response.



“Some deaths are the birthplace of great artists”


One such artist is Ravinder Singh. He is an MBA from Indian School of BusinessHyderabad and was working as a Sr. Program Manager at Microsoft. The death of his fiancé triggered him to write his first book “I too had a love story”. The out breaking response of the book built his successful 12 years writing career. His books based on real incidents as well as his imagination with simple and heart touching stories drawn him a huge fan base and captured a space for him in the famous writers list.


Ravinder runs a publishing house named “ The Black Ink” through which he laid a platform for budding authors to stage their debut novels. Every writer has a fear and doubt whether their readers will like their writings. Ravinder Singh says that should not stop a writer from writing. Here is his advice for those who want to flourish as famous writers.

“Write your story in all honesty and get it edited from an experienced editor.”

                                                                                                                             -Ravinder Singh


Do you know the person behind the story of the blockbuster movie “3 idiots”? He is Chetan Bhagat, an investment banker who is an alumnus of IIM-A and the Best outgoing student of the same institution. While he was working as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs, Hong Kong his heart and soul directed him towards the passion. Chetan left investment banking to invest his words and stories in writing. His first book was rejected multiple times by the publishers and finally Rupa publications introduced him as a writer to the world with his first book “ Five point someone”.

The movies such as 3 idiots, 2 states, kai po che, and half girlfriend are the output of his best selling novels. Many of his articles were discussed in parliament. The magic reason behind Chetan to become one of the famous writers is his approach to great social ideas with simple words.

“Don’t quit, It will happen one day”

                                       -Chetan Bhagat


Ashwin Sanghi – India’s Dan Brown, is one of the Indian famous writers in Thrillers. He did his MBA at Yale school of management. Unlike other writers Ashwin has a dual profession, he is a writer as well as a businessman. The basement for his interest in writing was laid by his grandfather who sent a book per week and Ashwin Sanghi has a total of 417 books.

An interesting thing about Ashwin is that a series of numbers are written on the board in his house. Each number is nothing but the number of rejections faced by famous writers like J.K.Rowling. Ashwin beat them all by facing 47 rejections and self-published his first novel “ The Rozabel line”.

“Bestseller writers aren’t the best writers. They’re the most thick-skinned ones.

I faced 47 rejections for my first book. Those publishers didn’t know better.”

                                                                                                                          -Ashwin Sanghi



The most trending section of books is commercial fiction. Durjoy Dutta’s books occupy a big space in that commercial fiction. Durjoy is an MBA from MDI Gurgaon who was working in American express left his job to pursue his career in writing. Durjoy started to write during his college days. He published his first book “Of course I love you” when he was just 21 co-authored by Maanvi Ahuja.


The essence of Durjoy’s success is that his stories were closely connected to reality. This brought him huge fans for his books and Durjoy occupied a space in the list of famous writers. Whistling Woods International chose Durjoy as one of the two young achievers in the field of Media and Communications by in 2011. The secret behind Durjoy’s writing is

“ I just read a lot”

 Famous writers – Followers of passion

The most common confusion in everyone’s life is whether to choose the passion as our career or not. This confusion is mainly the result of fear that stays within us whether we will succeed in our life if we choose passion as our career. The above real stories of famous writers who opted to travel in the path of their passion trigger the confidence within us. Let us pour our maximum energy and involvement in passion to experience self-satisfied success.

“Master your passion to master yourself”

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