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Best 3 Women entrepreneurs -The unknowns the world needs to know

by Neela Priyadharshini

Many women entrepreneurs are now stepping out and have built successful companies. For some, It might have come out of necessity and for others out of passion or inspiration. Among many women entrepreneurs, this article brings to light about two mompreneurs and one specially challenged women entrepreneur.

    “Woman + Warrior = Woman entrepreneur”

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Motivator Mahalakshmi Saravanan

Some people are always known for their positive attitude and vibes. One such passionate and optimistic woman entrepreneur is Mrs. Mahalakshmi Saravanan. She is the proud founder of Women Entrepreneurs India (WEI). She started this venture by 2013 to create opportunities for the underprivileged in society. They uplift the entrepreneurship skills hidden inside women through various events all over the country.

Her husband being the greatest source of support guided her idea of educating women who wish to start a business to take its form. This idea originated when she struggled to run her first business.

She started her career as a lecturer and then she moved into business. Her first business was almost a failure. Her selfless mind never wanted other women to struggle in the same way. Almost after five years of teaching and 13+ years of experience in business, she is now an internationally recognized social entrepreneur. She has become a role model for many budding women entrepreneurs through her motivational speeches and can-do spirit.

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From zero to hero

Her journey began with zero network, no backup plan and no backup funds. Now she has delivered around one lakh interactive sessions in many schools, colleges, IT giants and government organizations. She has also been featured in the Economic Times and the Deccan chronicle for her achievements and service.


Is her success mantra who believes in a slow and steady process to reach heights. SEO is the growing technology that is very essential for developing business websites. After crossing the difficulties to bring her website a reach, she has then emerged as a digital marketing strategist and as an SEO specialist. WEI guides budding women entrepreneurs with the right tools to expand their business. Mahalakshmi also takes pride in being the mother of a young social entrepreneur. She is an example for many mompreneurs who dream to achieve in their business.


Passion chaser Harsha Thachery

MASALABOX – Realization of Harsha Thachery’s passion. Her idea of delivering home-cooked food through online orders emerged during her pregnancy. Her cravings for a tasty and healthy meal during her pregnancy paved a way for her realization. That was the time when she realized restaurants can offer home delivery but cannot deliver freshly-cooked home food. There the idea of masalabox took its origin. What’s more special is that they employ home-chefs who are home-makers and this establishment is run entirely by women.

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Mini treat that delights the taste buds

The journey of masalabox began by 2014 and it now seems to run successfully with around 900 deliveries per day in and around Kerala. Masalabox is not only a profit concerned business, It has also transformed the lives of 350 homemakers.

Every kitchen owns its masalabox with a good combination of spices. This masalabox is also packed up with a good tasty combination of food varieties with some extra care and love. Over the past six years, this Kerala-based company has received huge positive responses from the urban migrants. Masalabox has never failed to satisfy the taste glands of migrants through their authentic home-made food options.

Their website lists the menu for a week with details of the home chef who will be preparing it. Home chefs own the Menu framing decision and the company intervenes only when more than one chef offers the same dish at the same time. Harsha is identified as one of the innovative women entrepreneurs in Kerala. Masalabox maintains good customer retention through its direct customer interaction strategy and eco-friendly packaging. They have also made business expansions in Bangalore and aspire to venture into other cities as well.


The strong survivor- Sangita Desai

Sangita Desai, who was born and brought up in Bangalore realized her passion for fashion after moving to Mumbai. After earning her degree from the American College of London, she made her debut with Malaika Arora as a fashion designer. She was so successful in her designing journey. She has even designed costumes for Aishwarya Rai, Ms. Asia Shwetha Menon and many Miss Universe contestants. She was not aware that all her dreams will get shattered one day. Yes, 2006 Mumbai floods washed away all her dreams along with her design studio.

Born with a disability challenge called Symbrachydactyly( abnormality where fingers of one hand are missing since birth), she managed her fashion designing career for the past 25 years before the flood. After this disaster, she joined with her father and took care of his oil business.


Women are not dreamers, they are doers

Again, By 2017 she made her entry as India’s first woman entrepreneur to launch grooming essentials for men. Her positive approach towards life pulled her out of the setback and made her start again her own business.

With the experiences and ideas she gathered from her father’s business she started Rawnature Company. The products they come up with are 100% natural and vegan products manufactured especially for men. Rawnature is well known for its botanical grooming solutions for men. Despite all challenges and hurdles, she rose above to make her venture to meet the needs of male-specific skin. To make their products omnipresent, they made the products available on all leading shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. They also own their website where men can make orders.

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With her never-say-die spirit she is ready to face the upcoming challenges. She is looking forward to taking the brand to international markets. She aspires to be seen as the woman who found and launched safe botanical grooming essentials for men across this world.


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