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Online classes in Lockdown

by Anirud Srinivas

Hello readers!! Hope all are doing good and safe. Life is so mysterious and hard to predict as we never expected this lockdown in our life. In this lockdown students are subjected to attend online classes. Online classes or E-learning is actually a virtual platform where you get a kind of classroom atmosphere and students are connected with their classmates and teachers. There is a big debate going on whether online classes are needed or not. Let us examine this situation in all perspectives.

As students we might think that these teachers have no other work but to simply torture us. But the hard reality is teachers also undergo stress, anxiety, depression etc.. To prepare for a class and deliver the contents in such a way that students should understand is a big task. During classroom teaching, teachers had enough space and time to look after each and every kid and sort out their problems regarding the subject. But when it comes to online classes its difficult.

Teachers face a lot of difficulties while teaching online. Special attention for each and every student in a virtual platform is not possible when a class consists of 50 students. Teachers are always answerable to their higher authorities and parents of their class students. When a parent is not satisfied by his/her kid’s performance the teacher is answerable. When the class performance is not satisfactory teachers are answerable to their higher official. We people respect our teachers and equally disrespect them too. The first and foremost issue that every teacher is facing during online classes is adapting the technology. How to start a meeting, how to present or share screen to students, how to send the meeting link to students etc..

Students also find it very difficult as they too are unaware of the technology. Students didn’t know how to mute their microphone and the class was a bit noisy. Maintaining a peaceful atmosphere during an online class was not a cakewalk for teachers. Then due to technical issue, either student leaves the online class or the teacher leaves the online class. The audio and video quality are part and parcel of online classes. The audio of the teacher should be delivered or heard by all the students, but if there is an issue then students might not hear. Nearly 60% students face this difficulty.

As a result, they don’t understand anything and they are unable to ask doubts too. Then, In many cases, students might not have proper device facilities to attend the online classes. As parents are also working they need devices for their work and there is a shortage of devices for students. In some cases, there will be two children in a house and the parents will give priority to the elder one leaving the younger one. Many devices have battery problems and students are able to attend only a few classes. The screen time for teachers and students increases. As a result, parents are worried of their wards health.

Some parents say that there is no need of these online classes as they are not as much effective as a classroom teaching, while some parents appreciate online classes as something is better than nothing.

From my perspective, online classes are actually a teamwork of all teachers, students and parents. Teachers put their maximum effort to teach the students and they also post notes via google classroom or Whatsapp. Students are also excited to learn what the teacher teaches every day. Parents can also guide their students so that the student gets a clear picture of what he is studying. Higher class students can manage their studies as they are well versed in using the technology and they are keen in their studies too. Only the little dots need extra care by their parents as they cannot handle the device on their own. Let us not blame the teachers for each and every issue. They are giving their best.

This pandemic situation is crucial but everyone is putting their maximum effort to do their best, So let’s appreciate the efforts of all the teachers and parents who always play a vital role in a students career.


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Pcs October 11, 2020 - 9:43 pm

Real situation
Both teachers and students are in a bad position both are not able to perform their work in this technologically advanced world


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