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by Dhivya Manick

He may not have a vision

     But a visiting lounge for visions

He may not smile

     But makes others smile

He may not have hands

     But he is a handheld by others

He may be unemotional

     But ignites emotions in others

He may not be an explorer

     But makes others explore the world

He may not be imaginative

     But makes others immerse in imagination

He may not accomplish

     But makes others accomplish through him

He may not be self-made

     But he is selfless

He may not be a bed

     But makes bedtime pleasant for others

He may not have a heart

     But conquer the hearts of millions

He may not have a permanent address

     But his temporary address is the fiction section of the library

Yes!! This man of selfless attitude is called “NOVEL” by the world

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