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Vitamin D Deficiency | Higher risk of Coronavirus

by Yazhini


According to the two new research studies, suggests that in taking plenty of Vitamin D rich supplements or foods could lower the risk of coronavirus infection. People with Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to be infected easily and it may lead to serious complications once they are infected.

The first study posted on April 30, a research team led by Northwestern University looked at the cases of coronavirus in 10 countries including China, Iran, Germany, the US, and Italy.

  • They found a strong correlation between vitamin D deficiency and Covid-19.
  • They also found a strong correlation between Vitamin D Deficiency and Cytokine Storm- which severely affects the immune system and complicates the respiratory system.

The second Study published on May 6 in Aging Clinical and Experimental Research, from the UK found that the countries with an average level of vitamin D had a lower number of corona cases and a lower mortality rate. Their study was conducted on data from 20 European countries.

  • Italy & Spain had higher morality than other countries in the study, and they both had a lower level of vitamin D.
  • Northern European countries like Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, in contrast, had the highest average of Vitamin D and thus saw a lower rate of deaths and cases.
  • More research is needed to understand how well vitamin D influences coronavirus outcomes.

Well, It is important for people to know about Vitamin D deficiency, consuming a lot of Vitamin D supplements will also have a negative impact on our body. Understand, It will not prevent a patient from contacting the coronavirus, but it may reduce the complications and severity, also it might prevent death from those who are affected.

What is Cytokine Storm?

Cytokines are released by many different cells-white blood cells, including the immune system. They trigger the body’s response to infection and increase the inflammation. They have the potential to damage the body tissues and organs. This affects the people who are less immune, it mostly affects the children and the elder people who have less developed immune systems.To know click on https://www.sinobiological.com/resource/cytokines/cytokine-storm

            Derived from the Greek word: Cyto+ kino = Cell +movement

Signs of Vitamin D deficiency

  1. Getting sick often
  2. Extreme sickness and tiredness
  3. Severe Back pain
  4. Impaired Wound healing
  5. Bone loss
  6. Severe Hair loss

5 Simple Effective Ways to increase Vitamin D levels

  1. Get Morning Sunlight (Preferably 6-8 am)
  2. Include eggs on your diet
  3. Eat Seafood
  4. Eat Mushrooms
  5. Eat Vitamin D Supplements

Note: Please don’t overeat, consuming a higher intake of Vitamin D will lead to negative impacts on your body.

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