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Vaccination for adults too! – Attention

by Aishwarya V S

Parents of young children march towards the hospital for vaccination. But Vaccination for adults is not in the books of India till now.

While keeping track of children vaccination charts, Is it necessary to inject vaccination for adults?

As per Dr Vivek Nangia (HOD & Director, Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Vasant Kunj, Pulmonology), so far, vaccination and immunization have been focussed on children, but, vaccination will also be important to the adults.

Vaccination for adults

Vaccination for adults – Why?

Like children need vaccination, adults too have to be vaccinated because adults can also be affected by deadly diseases which can be prevented by vaccination.


Because of the deteriorating immune system on the adult body, vaccination can be the best bet to prevent infections. The term “immunosenescence” means that as the humans’ age, the immune system of the human being begins to deteriorate. As a result of the deterioration, there will be a signification reduction in the ability of adults to fight against the infections.

Many adults also suffer from chronic diseases which overpowers the immune system, which makes them more vulnerable to the vast group of infections. For example, diseases like chronic lung disease, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetics,  HIV, cancers, leukaemias, lymphomas are the important diseases which play a major role in affecting the immune system of adults.

Apart from this smokers and alcoholics are the toppers in the list. People who are under chemotherapy or immunosuppressive therapy are also more open to acquiring infectious diseases. Because of this, vaccination for adults is highly recommended.

Vaccines for adults

The list of vaccines which are most important for adults are, Influenza, typhoid, human papillomavirus and diphtheria, pneumococcal disease, hepatitis A & B, tetanus, pertussis.

Also as per World health organization, pregnant woman are the most important persons to be vaccinated immediately.

So, Annual vaccination may become necessary which can help us to roam around the streets happily.

DO you think vaccination will prevent us from diseases? please register your views in the comment box.

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