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USA to donate ventilators to friends in India, tweets Donald Trump

by Harshini Haridass

Amidst the disaster of Covid-19 hitting USA hard, Donald Trump, president of the United States of America has announced that the US will donate ventilators to India. He has also mentioned that Prime Minister Narenda Modi as his “good friend”. Through this statement he has made it evident that USA-India are good friends.

US donates ventilators to India as a friendship gesture

Trump tweeted that he was proud to announce that the United States will donate Ventilators to their friends in India. However, the officials from the White house have not informed how many devices would be sent.




The president is about to spend his weekend at Camp David in order to take part in a number of meetings. The president told reporters that they are sending plenty of ventilators to India. He had spoke to Narendra Modi. Trump also mentioned that they had huge supply of ventilators.

Last month, India had exported 50 million hydroxychloroquine tablets to treat Covid-19 patients in America at Trump’s request.


Trump constantly has been praising India for its efforts in controlling the pandemic and he had mentioned about his trip to India in February. Trump mentioned that India has been so great and as you know your prime minister has been a very good friend of mine. He just got back a short while ago from India and USA-India are very much together.

He also added that together USA-India will beat the invisible enemy ! USA stands with India and Prime minister Modi during this pandemic. The US and India are working together and supporting each other to develop a vaccine for Covid-19.  He said a COVID-19 vaccine would be available by this year end.



White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said  that the president just extolled our great relationship with India. India has been a great partner to us for quite sometime. She was encouraged to hear ventilators to India.

Mr. Trump considers Indian-Americans as great scientists and researchers, who are contributing in the development of covid-19 vaccine.

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