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Uber India- 600 employees fired

by Aishwarya V S

Uber India has decided to layoff 600 employees because of the current pandemic situation. This current situation has hurtfully affected all the Cab aggregator’s business in the country. This decision effects after the nationwide lockdown which was imposed on 17th May,2020.

Uber India decides to layoff employees

Despite the multiple relaxations allowed in less dangerous zones, Uber has announced the layoff of 600 employees on Tuesday.

Uber India and South Asia president Pradeep Parameswaran said ” These reductions are part of job cuts which were announced earlier this month, nearly 600 positions including customer support, business development are impacted”. The job cuts include various segments inclusive of customer support, legal, financial, business development & marketing verticals. This accounts for 25% of the workforce of the entire country.

Uber India

Pradeep further added that the impact of COVID-19 is unpredictable and it has left them with no other option but to cut down the number of employees.

It is further noted that Uber also fired 3700 employees over a zoom call few days ago. This is the second layoff announced amid this pandemic. Another Cab aggregator Ola, has announced a layoff of 1400 employees last week because of the fall in revenue by 95%.  Ola’s job cut accounts for 35% of the workforce of the country.

Uber has also announced that they will give the affected employees a payout for 10 weeks and medical insurance coverup for 6 months.

Uber India

During the previous week, Uber’s parent company, US-based Uber technologies has announced that it would make a 23% slit in its workforce to become profitable during this pandemic.

Pradeep said ” Today is a gloomy day for all of us as our colleagues are leaving the Uber family. I would also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all their contributions to Uber so far.”

Uber has announced a layoff for almost 6700 employees worldwide. Currently, 25% of the entire workforce have become jobless.

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