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Tell me your dreams – Book Review

by Srikanth Madan


Let’s dive into the review of “Tell me your dreams”, a book written by Sidney Sheldon.

Do you ever feel that your parents had messed up your personality because of their parenting? Have you changed your personality so much that even you don’t recognize yourself?

The interesting part is that you change your behaviour and personality when you are with them and be your normal self when they are not around.


What would happen, when a girl is told by her mother that she is not going to do anything good in her life? What would a girl do when her father does not approve of her relationship with someone? Moreover, how does this all relate to the random killings that take place with striking similarities, the victim being castrated and having sex before getting killed?


If you want to sort this out you probably need to read “TELL ME YOUR DREAMS” written by Sidney Sheldon. The book introduces to three characters with contrasting personalities, Ashley Patterson, a workaholic, her co-workers, Tony Prescott, a singer and dancer, and shy artist Alette Peters.


When Ashley finds the words “YOU WILL DIE” written on her mirror with lipstick, she seeks the help of police, who assigns an officer for her safety. The next morning the officer is found to be dead and castrated. When a series of murders take place with the same profile, the murders are found to be done by one woman. Things take a turn when the killer is identified…


Tell me your dreamsTell me your dreams – Cover page


The second half of the book deals with the killer’s father trying to help the killer not get convicted. A series of twists and turns take place, which makes you understand why and how the killer murders the victim. It makes one think who was the actual victim there, the ‘killer’ or the ‘killed’?


A series of events take place during the trial, which results in the court to order therapy for the killer. The rest of the story deals with whether the therapy works.


Maybe you should find that out by reading the book.


The writer manages to keep us on the edge of our seats throughout the book. With an interesting plot and an even interesting storytelling manner, keeping the readers in suspense by providing a variety of storylines in the initial half of the book and the anticipation of what is to happen in the second half, the author has made it difficult for the readers to put the book down even for a minute.


I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start reading books that are not just beginner level. If you want to read something to increase your vocabulary, and the language in whole, and enjoy a good story, then this book is absolutely for you.  


I would say that even though this book was published in the year 1998, it still reflects on the evils happening in this society even today. I recommend that this book be read by anyone from the age of 15. Because at fifteen, everyone should be made to understand what happens in society and why they should not remain silent when wrong things happen.


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