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SEBI Employees tested positive – Headquarters will be close for three days

by Aishwarya V S

SEBI employees tested positive

Security and exchange board of India is a government-owned regulator of securities and commodities market. Today, SEBI Employees tested positive in a COVID-19 test. It results in a 3-day shutdown of headquarters.

As the central government announced a national wide lockdown on the march where several services were listed as an essential service, and those are allowed to function even during the lockdown. Some most essential services as we all know are vegetables, milk, groceries etc. But the Government also listed markets is essential, which makes SEBI work during the lockdown.

SEBI Employees tested Positive

SEBI employees tested positive

Initially, on Thursday, one of the employees was tested positive. So, all the employees who came in contact with the particular person were asked to be in quarantine.

As per the officials, the SEBI Bhavan had been shut as soon as the assistant general manager was tested positive in the COVID-19 test. Also, the IDBI building in Bandra Kurla Complex had been closed for the sanitation purpose.

He also stated that the SEBI office will resume its operation from May 11 and also as an alternate measure they have arranged a new office for its operation in spite of work from home.

SEBI staff working instructions

As per the instructions, every senior official of SEBI has instructed to come to the office. This instruction has been circulated to the officers until the senior general managers. Other employees must visit the office if their services are required. Rest of the employees are requested to work from home.

As a precautionary measure, SEBI also instructed all its employees to avoid public transportation.

These actions are taken because out of the total of 800 employees of SEBI, 700 employees are working in the Mumbai Headquarters.

Everyone is expecting the normalcy because of their sudden struck up. The Government is also doing its best to keep the nation safe with its measures.

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