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Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO unhappy with WFH-The new normal

by Aravind Sakthivel
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Many top bosses and CEO’s of giant tech companies have expressed their opinion about how WFH will work out, however corporate bosses except Satya Nadella, has not.

The global lock down led to much of the workforce in quarantine. Employees are trying their best to fulfill their professional responsibilities by working from home (WFH).

Satya Nadella

In an interview, Satya Nadella has expressed his views about remote working and the adverse impact it can create on the spirit of the employees.

Despite being the fact that the productivity of Microsoft has gone up while working in remote, the Microsoft CEO feels that the increase in productivity has come up at the price of burning social capital. He is worried about the social capital that the organization has built over periods.

Satya Nadella missing meetings

Satya Nadella stresses on the lack of touch, employees experience while working from home. He said that he misses walking into a physical meeting, which gives one a connect with the person next to him for two minutes before and after, which doesn’t happen virtually.

The Indian American business executive also spoke about how offices are likely to cope with the prevailing pandemic. He stated this would happen in three phases.

The first phase would be responding to the immediate effect with the office closures and cost cuts.

Nadella terms the second phase as the recovery phase which is already underway at some workplaces which is all about ‘dial’ and ‘switch’.

The third phase which Nadella terms as the re-imagining phase where, the innovations born out of necessity during the previous two phases will emerge.

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