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Rural Internet Users overtake the Urban users – Unseen Indian History

by Dhivya Manick
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The history of India in the world of the internet has reversed. The Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Nielsen released a recent report that the number of active internet users in rural areas has overtaken the number in urban areas. The main reason for this upside-down scenario is due to the availability of cheap internet connections.

Active internet users are the ones who access the internet for at least once in a month. An interesting fact is that 70 million kids falling under the category 5-11 go online using their parent’s mobile phones. This is the secret of India’s energy to increase from 451 million users in March 2019 to 504 million currently.

Internet penetration in India

Internet penetration is the relationship between the number of internet users and demographic data. India is the second-largest country in internet users after China, but lags behind the USA and China in internet penetration.

Rural Internet Users overtake the Urban users

source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/for-the-first-time-india-has-more-rural-net-users-than-urban/articleshow/75566025.cms

The report by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Nielsen also added that in the period of March-November the number of female users was higher than males. The number of female users went up to 26 million during this period. The internet penetration in the top 8 metro cities went up by 2% in November 2019 compared to March.

The above changes can be depicted through women-focused platforms like POPxo, which experienced a high number of users in Hindi and local languages. The capital of India Delhi has registered the highest number of internet penetration.

Lockdown and smartphones

An analysis by the firm “App Annie of android phones” shows that the average time spent on smartphones has increased to 4.3 hours during lockdown which was only 3.5 hours before. The lockdown has made smartphones a mandatory one for almost everybody. Because people of all ages need to engage the time and to connect to people for official as well as unofficial works. The time spent on apps like PUBG, TikTok, Zoom, and Facebook has rapidly increased.

Rural Internet Users overtake the Urban users

The technology which was once a luxury has become a necessity now.

“Use smart devices smartly to make your life smart.”

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