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Removal of 1602 imported products from CAPF canteens

by Dhivya Manick

Imported products sales will be stopped at CAPF canteens?

The Home Ministry of India issued an order regarding the removal of imported products sold at CAPF (Central Police Force Personnel) canteen. But the ministry rescinded the list as there is some confusion regarding the list of imported products. The government-run canteens I India received an order that they have to sell only the list of products said by the Home Minister Amit Shah. The Home Minister issued this order following the Narendra Modi’s appeal made by last month recommending citizens to buy the products made in India.

Removal of 1602 imported products from CAPF canteens

The Prime minister of India addressed that during this pandemic only local products will help us. He also added that along with using the local products we have to market them also. The director-general of CPRF said that the list has been issued at the CEO level and the list has been withdrawn too. The classification of products into ‘made in India’ and ‘not made in India’ will be a hectic process.

The executive of Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandars (KPKB) RM Meenak issued this order on May 29. The paramilitary canteens run by Kendriya Police Kalyan Bhandars has created three categories. category 1 includes products made in India from scratch. The products manufactured or assembled in India but the raw materials imported from other countries will come under category 2. All the purely imported products will come under category 3.

Removal of 1602 imported products from CAPF canteens

According to these categories, the KPKB identified 1026 products come under category 3. The Home Ministry reported that they have identified seven companies importing finished products. The ministry also stated that they have classified the products purely based on the information given by the companies. In case of any opposition, the information provided by the firms will be taken as the evidence.

What you as a consumer think about this classification? Whether it is practically possible to stop the sale at CAPF canteens?

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