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Natural Vs Organic

by Aravind Balaji
natural vs organic
Natural Vs Organic

Do you want to know the real meaning of Natural Vs Organic?

Many of us often use these words interchangeably, but they do not mean the same thing as we perceive to be. Exciting? Let us look into the term natural vs organic more closely

Food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) has allowed food companies to label their product as ‘natural’ only if the product is not processed in any manner which could alter its basic characteristics.


Most of us either don’t know or care about what the definition says or what is the real meaning of the ‘Natural’ label on products we buy. The common idea we have is that something labelled as such is completely healthy and safe to ourselves and our family, but the reality is different. For example, consider a product ‘x’ which is fresh juice brand which has positioned itself as ‘100% natural” this makes us thinks that this product is healthy and safe, but it might not be so.


If you look into the ingredients the product might contain fruit concentrates, refined sugar apart from natural fruit sugar which is exactly opposite of what we think. This doesn’t mean that the product ‘x’ is harmful to our health. But it is simply doesn’t serve the purpose for which we buy the product, that is to avoid refined sugar or artificial fruit flavours from the drink.


So how is Natural Vs Organic different?

According to FSSAI Organic food products are one which is grown on an agriculture method which does not include the use of any pesticide or chemicals. To help in ensuring the authenticity products in the market to consumers FSSAI also mandates that labelling of organic foods should convey full and accurate information on the organic status of the product. And Organic food products should also carry a certification mark or a quality assurance mark given by any of the notified certification bodies.


How to identify a ‘Natural’ & ‘Organic’ product in the market?

The only way is to read the product information thoroughly. For example, let us look into honey. Honey which is processed after extraction through heating which removes all the enzymes from the honey is ‘Natural’ since it doesn’t alter the fundamental nature of the product, but it isn’t organic. Honey can be said to organic only if extracted honey is bottled with no other process carried on it. This should be mentioned and the ingredients should not contain any added preservatives. Products which fulfil these criteria will also be certified by FSSAI or any other related regulatory body.


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