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by Dhivya Manick

Hilltops are her fountain heads.

Blessed with an indefinite physique

She sprints down the steep mighty mountains.

Generously gushing across gorges and waterfalls

She enters the space of homo sapiens.

With honour bound heart

And pride bounded mind

She marches to serve

The species with the sixth sense.

Brimming over meanders and oxbow lakes

Streaming across deltas and estuaries

She awed that the heavenly humans too

running for their destiny like her.

Suddenly she shuddered, a pool of

floating substance showered on her.

She thought, ”How extremely sweet the humans are?

Showering me with surprise gifts”

Swiftly she immersed in a liquid-like her.

Unlike her it was colourful.

She was awestruck, ”How caring these heavenly species? ,

Feeding me with health drinks.

My lifetime loyalty can’t be

Paralleled to their generosity.

But I am a traitor,

Making midsummer a war field to them.

I speedup into the ocean

I should have sacrificed a part of me

Under the mother earth

So that earthly people can

drain me out during their thirst.

My soulful sorry dear people!!

Oh almighty, she is an innately innocent river…

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