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Infosys resumes with 5% employees safely

by Dhivya Manick

The massive global killer CORONA virus triggered a forced lockdown for the whole world. The people of developing countries like India are likely to suffer economically more in the present and in the near future due to this lengthy lockdown. As the operations in several business sectors began gradually after the lockdown, Infosys resumes its operations along with the 5% of its workforce.

Infosys resumes with safety

Out of 2,42,371 employees the Infosys has started its operation gradually with12,000 employees working in offices. On 7th May the firm’s CEO Salil Parekh along with 5% of its employees began working in offices with well-equipped safety measures. It includes temperatures checks, sanitized office vehicles, alternate seating arrangements in official transport, and compulsory masks.
A person from Infosys says that the pictures speak our well-equipped safety measures. The employees are also highly obeying to the safety rules such as social distancing in the queue and only single member is allowed in a table in the cafeteria.

Virtual training

Infosys resumes with 5% employees safely

Since March due to the corona outbreak stopped its training program for all its trainees at the Global Education Centre. There is no official news about when the program will resume. But it is made sure that the program is successfully carried out virtually.
During the Q4 earnings the Infosys CEO said that 93% of their employees are active in work and this ensures their speed and accuracy. Mr.U.B Pravin Rao said in the earnings call that they will maintain a share of people to carry out work from home to adapt to the situation in a smooth manner.

A new fashion

Infosys’s greatest rival said that the work from home will be a new fashion that society has to accept to beat the conditions. The HCL CEO also stated that they are planning to make % of their employees to carry out work from home.

Infosys resumes with 5% employees safely

Moreover corona has become a part of our life temporarily, the business sectors are approaching towards a new model to balance both “work from home” and “work from office” to safeguard the economy.

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