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Hyundai’s electric vehicles – European police’s love

by Dhivya Manick
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Hyundai’s electric vehicles – go eco friendly

Nowadays Zero-emission vehicles are gaining attention throughout the world. As an output of the European government’s concern towards inner-city pollution many police authorities started using Hyundai’s electric vehicles. What makes the European police to look for electric vehicles?

The long-distance coverage and savings through cost fuel attract the police to use such vehicles. The battery electric vehicles (BEV) and the fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) are the common vehicles preferred by the police officers of Europe.

Hyundai's electric vehicles - European police's love

The vice president of marketing and product at Hyundai motors in Europe stated that the increase in the usage of the firm’s zero-emission vehicles by police officials shows the product’s quality and versatility. He also added that Hyundai’s zero-emission vehicles also proves that it is user friendly for the public even during tough situations.

Among all the zero-emission vehicles by Hyundai, the Hyundai’s Kona is the most preferred by the police officers and civilians in Europe. The Kona has favorable features such as 38 KWh and 64 KWh batteries with 201 horsepower over 400 Km range.

Hyundai's electric vehicles - European police's love

Nexo, the Hyundai’s fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) is also gaining popularity. Ioniq is another model of Hyundai used officially by police officials. Ioniq was the Hyundai’s first vehicle launched with an environmentally friendly power strain option. The features of Ioniq include hybris, plug-in-hybrid, and electric battery.

The model Ioniq is also used by law enforcement officials in Gudalete and Bilbao, Spain. The current Ioniq is well equipped with a battery of 38.3 KWh with a range of 311 Km. The rapid usage of government officials clearly indicate the quality and performance of Hyundai’s zero-emission vehicles.

World with air pollution in peak and global warming a major threat many countries are trying to adapt to the new generation of electric vehicles. Many governments offer subsidies trying to divert the people’s attention towards electric vehicles.

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