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Harley Davidson decides to exit

by Dhivya Manick
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Harley Davidson – A culture more than a brand

The iconic brand Harley Davidson is in a talk to close its operations in India due to poor sales and no demand in future. And the growth of the brand was also not good. The idea to exit operations in India is a part of Harley Davidson’s rewire strategy. The upcoming new strategy by Harley Davidson will be focussing on 50 markets. New products and brand strengths of Harley Davidson will also be focussed as a part of the rewire strategy. The new, sportier motorcycle Harley Davidson Bronx will be removed from the company’s future model.

harley davidson

The model is removed after the company’s quarter-finals result since the profits are not showing good signs and it also continues to plan to exit from the international markets. Gradually Harley Davidson is losing its market in India. The company sold less than 2500 units during the last financial year. India is one of the international financial markets where the company’s performance is poor. Heavy discounts were also offered to best selling models. Even the company’s performance is poor in its market US. In the international markets like India consumers who preferred heavy motorcycle has moved to sports and adventure types.

Following the success of Harley-Davidson Street 750, the company has decided to launch a 300-350 cc model in India to cover the middle-class customers. Over the years Harley Davidson has become a culture more than a brand. Even though it has poor sales will you think that Harley Davidson will be neglected? What will be the impact of Harley Davidson’s decision to exit from the international markets? Will that be a positive side for other brands?

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