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FMCG Sales shows signs of Recovery: Nielsen

by Durga Dharshini R
FMCG Sales

According to Nielsen India, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Industry in India is showing signs of recovery to pre-COVID levels since June.


The FMCG Industry was significantly impacted during the lockdown and had a drastic decline in April. Between the months of January and May, the value of FMCG sales in India dropped as much as 8% on a year-on-year basis, which is believed to be the steepest fall in consumer goods in key markets of Asia.

However, the Industry had witnessed a sharp recovery in June, which was mainly driven by rural demand and traditional trade channels like Kirana stores.

According to Nielsen, both urban and rural sales are growing, but the recovery from the undeveloped semi-urban or rural areas are much faster than the urban areas. Moreover, sales through traditional channels like Kirana stores have outperformed the modern trade channels like Supermarkets and Retail Outlets.

“When compared with other global markets such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, the FMCG industry in India witnessed a slow growth recovery due to extended lockdown”, said Mr.Prasun Basu, Nielsen President-South Asia.


As per the Nielsen Study, the Sales of Essentials like Wheat flour, Edible Oils, etc are growing as Consumers prefer home-cooked food which thereby helps in driving sales of staples.

Consumer goods such as Cosmetics, Beauty Categories, Skin Care and other Personal care segments which had a significant slowdown earlier, are currently witnessing a sharp bounce back since June.

Hygiene segments which include products as toilet soaps, floor cleaners, Disinfectants, etc continue to be in the priority list of the consumers under the “new normal” since Covid-19.

Besides these categories, Nielsen has reported a surge in immunity-boosting products like Chyawanprash and Branded honey amid the Covid-19 crisis.

As per the findings of the study conducted by Nielsen involving 1,725 respondents in 22 cities, it is found that safety and immunity will remain embedded in consumer behaviour in the long term.

It is also believed that Hygiene and Immunity–Boosting categories will witness accelerated sales growth in the near future.

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